PLN and BPN Synergy in West Papua

West Papua
Source : Antara News

Electricity had not reached some rural areas of Papua and West Papua. There were also some areas with limited electricity. It means that those areas only received electricity at certain hours.

But the government has committed to covering all areas in Indonesia’s eastern regions with electricity. And this was proved by the existence of several lands assets all over the place owned by PLN.

Before starting the project, the electricity company aimed to secure the assets. Securing the assets was necessary to avoid any possible obstacles and ensure the electricity project’s smooth running.

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West Papua
Source : Dharapos Papua

Electricity Assets Certification

To secure electricity assets, the State Electricity Company (PLN) of Parent Unit Development (UIP) of Maluku and Papua aimed to issue 17 land certificates in 2022. It would be realized in the working area of West Papua. This goal was considered achievable after – last year – PLN received 93 certificates from BPN of the province of Papua.

To achieve that, PLN increased synergy with the region’s National Land Agency (BPN) by accelerating electricity assets certification. Reisal Rimtahi Hasoloan, the General Manager of PLN UIP Maluku Papua, elaborated that four locations in the province of West Papua would be the certification target in 2022.

Those locations were SUTT transmission in Sorong City, Sorong Regency, Manokwari Regency, and Rooftop Solar Power Plant (PLTMG) in Raja Ampat Regency. Therefore, a synergy needed to be done to guarantee the legal status of electricity assets located in those places.

Meanwhile, the Head of the BPN office in the region, Freddy A. Kolintama, stated that the cooperation between BPN and PLN has been productive so far. Both parties also worked on bettering their partnership.

According to Kolintama, both parties commit to working on strengthening the cooperation. They see this project as cooperation. The facilities and infrastructure from PLN would help BPN document PLN’s assets, including those in trouble.

BPN will also help PLN with mediation if there are disputes with other parties in the future. It was expected to be able to give assets and infrastructures owned by PLN legal certainty. (

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Working Facilities for Papua and West Papua

After achieving mutual understanding and cooperation, PLN handed working facilities to the regional offices of both provinces and 22 BPN offices spread all over the provinces. The working facilities’ handover was to accelerate the state assets certification.

The working facilities were in the form of 48 units of Personal Computer (PC) and 24 printers given by the General Manager of PLN of Regional Parent Unit (UIW) of Papua and West Papua Moch. Andy Adchaminoerdin and General Manager of UIP of Maluku and Papua to both regions’ Head of BPN Regional offices. The event was witnessed by Heads of Land Agency of all regencies in both provinces.

Andy stated that the cooperation could help PLN fulfill the certification target in 2022 for both provinces. PLN can provide customers with better electricity services with adequate infrastructures, both in the operating system and legalization sectors.

He also argued that the handover was an attempt to secure, maintain, and empower the land assets that PLN has. “PLN appreciated the assistance BPN gives to solve the problems that occurred all this time. We wish this to be a sustainable synergy,” he said.

In the event, seven of 128 target land certificates in Papua and West Papua were also handed over.

Kolintama stated that collaboration was the main point in solving the problem of asset documentation. Some assets have not been certified or need to be renewed. It needs to be considered so all assets owned by PLN can be well documented and legalized.

In line with Kolintama, the Head of the BPN office of the province of Papua, John Wiklif Aufa, appreciated PLN for its cooperation. He also expressed his gratitude for the facilities and infrastructures that PLN provided. (

The Beginning of the Cooperation

PLN visited the BPN office of Papua province to find a cooperating opportunity. It was attended by the General Manager of PLN of Regional Parent Unit of Papua and West Papua Abdul Farid and the General Manager of PLN of Parent Unit Development of Papua Reisal Rimtahi Hasoloan.

The visit was a follow-up from a previous meeting between PLN and BPN. It aimed to ensure that the development of electricity infrastructures in Indonesia ran well. All this time, electricity installment in the eastern regions of Indonesia was hampered by the legal status of the land. Thus, PLN asked all Papua and West Papua stakeholders to help with the project.

Hasoloan also stated that PLN always thrives on improving electric system reliability in the regions. To achieve that goal, various improvements to plants, networks, and substations were carried out.

PLN Papua and BPN planned to sign an agrarian and spatial agreement soon. It was meant to facilitate the process of electricity development in the region. Aufa agreed to take part in the agreement to ensure everything runs well.