Facts and Population of Port Moresby, Capital of Papua New Guinea

Population of Port Moresby

Population of Port Moresby – Port Moresby is the capital city of Papua New Guinea and an international gateway. The location is quite spectacular, overlooking the Bay of Papua.

The population of Port Moresby, the largest city in the South Pacific, is around 350 thousand people.

Facts and Population of Port Moresby

Despite this, the population of Port Moresby has a bad image. Even this city is often regarded as the most dangerous city in the world.

British international media, BBC, has also said that Port Moresby is not friendly to women. Here are seven facts about Port Moresby that are very dangerous for women:

1. The Most Dangerous City in the World for Women

Seventy percent of women in Port Moresby experience sexual harassment and abuse throughout their lives. Full of gangs of thugs, crime also often targets women in this city.

2. Divided into Two Regions

The capital city of Papua New Guinea has two regions. The first area is the city area on the beach. Here, wealthy foreign and native citizens live. This place is also a center of hospitality and tourism.

Criminal events sometimes occur, but the perpetrators caught in this area will receive severe punishment.

On the other hand, there is a special area for indigenous people. Here, crime and violence often occur. This systematic crime has become their daily routine.

Residents usually live in huts wild. This house is the only choice for those who migrate to the capital city to work.

3. Full of Outlaw Kingpins

The high crime rate using violence is a major problem for Port Moresby. This city is a “paradise” for criminal kingpins.

This phenomenon began in the early 1960s. At that time, many young people who migrated there were disappointed because they failed to get jobs.

What’s worse, more and more people were trying their luck in the capital city ahead of independence in 1975.

Many residents feel uncomfortable living in this city because they feel less safe.

Even though there are luxury resorts and beautiful natural scenery, you should think more carefully before deciding to vacation in this city.

4. Many Thugs Target Residents

The thugs there admit that they often target women as their main prey. They kidnap and do not hesitate to injure or even harass.

Simply pointing a gun, women usually immediately hand over the property the criminals are after, including the car they are driving.

However, a source says the criminals rarely target expatriates or foreigners unless they are careless and walking around alone.

Foreigners sometimes fall prey if they are seen carrying expensive cameras, wearing expensive watches, or having their wallets visible.

Even so, it is very rare that crimes against foreigners are planned. That is, the crime occurred if there was a sudden opportunity.

5. Security is the Most Preferred Job

Security guards are the most popular jobs for the population of Port Moresby.

Everyone, especially the upper-middle-class residents, must have a guard ready to accompany them wherever they go to be safe.

It’s not surprising because security guards are in high demand and at high risk, and this job has quite a good salary.

6. Sixty Percent of Unemployed Citizens

As a multiethnic country, most arrivals to Port Moresby work in the Jackson International Airport area.

While native citizens in this country became unemploye, the high crime rate was trigger by the economic difficulties of residents who became unemployed.

Are you interest in visiting this city? Or do even you intend to avoid setting foot here? This news about the facts and population of Port Moresby will add to your knowledge.