Preparing the Development of Academics for West Papua

West Papua
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One of the issues with education in Indonesia is the unequal educational opportunities across regions. In the context of this discussion, the provinces of Papua and West Papua deserve special attention.

Besides having short access to transportation, a lack of communication in Papua also becomes one of the difficulties in developing academics. That is why the government should pay attention and prepare for a good education in Papua.

West Papua
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5+ Government Preparation to Develop Academics in West Papua

To develop the academics or education in this region, both governments of West Papua and Indonesia should consider the preparation in the list below:

Increasing the service access

The government may prepare the good service access enhancement for developing good academics in West Papua. This access means the ease with which every citizen can take advantage of the opportunity to obtain a good education.

Moreover, geographical area accessibility, parental views on academic achievement, and gender equality can determine good service access. 

Improving the quality of education

On the other hand, Papuan people require good quality of education. It is related to the process of teaching and learning effectively. 

Importantly, the accessibility of books, complementary texts, and reading materials, the length of time spent learning, student needs, and teacher quality all impact educational quality.

Besides, World Bank states that improving the quality of education, especially in West Papua, requires at least five aspects, such as supported input, supported circumstance, school environment, organized curriculum, and teaching methods.

Improving the quality of teachers

The quality of education and the quality of teachers also have a close relationship because the teacher must have academic qualifications as evidenced by a diploma that corresponds to the type, level, and academic unit formal at the place of assignment.

Teacher Equalization Program

In other words, the government also attempts to establish the teacher equalization program aiming to equalize teachers into several areas, especially to the east of Indonesia. 

The Ministry of Education is responsible for funding academic activities in Papua and West Papua. Some academic activities were carried out in conjunction with local government as a form of support.

Developing Public Engagement Policies

The other effort done by the government in developing good academics in West Papua is by developing the public engagement policies. It aims at leading society to participate actively in any aspect of education.

By establishing this program or policies, either teachers and parents may recognize their needs in improving the excellent quality of education. Teachers and parents can do discussions to create a good circumstance in the school.

By doing so, students of West Papua can study well because each aspect of education has a good collaboration and good communication.

Intervening School Governance

Intervening school governance is also essential because there is a need to centralize professionalism for officials who maintain education issues in Papua and West Papua (from the head of the education office to the school administrator).

In this context, the government can utilize the schema of reward and punishment to strengthen implementation oversight of education services in Papua and West Papua.

Intervening Learning Process

Another crucial preparation for good academics is intervening in the learning process at every school level, starting from elementary to higher school university. It means that there must be a fulfillment of standardized school facilities and infrastructure.

In addition, the government must create a local curriculum that is contextualized by taking the typology of the region in the land of Papua.

School development and special education services can be carried out in various areas to overcome cultural barriers.

The government can consider those preparations for developing good academics in West Papua. By doing that preparation, it is possible to make it realized in the early years to come.