President Inaugurates Ground Breaking Papua Youth Creative Hub in West Papua

Papua has great potential from its natural and human resources. For this reason, the government is aggressively pursuing development in eastern Indonesia. One of them is creating a place for young people, better known as Papua Easy Inspiration. The President supports the construction of the building by conducting a groundbreaking for the Papua Youth Creative Hub in West Papua.

Get to know Papua Youth Creative Hub

It is a forum for gathering easy human resources in Papua. Many youths have extraordinary achievements in Papua from various scientific disciplines. Thus, this movement provides an opportunity for outstanding Papuan youth to make a better contribution to Papua. In other words, it is the first step for the development of innovative human resources.

Basically, Inspirational Young Papua (PMI) has indigenous Papuan children who work in the community in all fields. The beginning of this program was the idea of ​​indigenous Papuan youth from various scientific backgrounds and achievements. This program aims to contribute to Papua and the young generation.

In the future, this association can contribute to reducing unemployment, poverty, and underdevelopment in Papua. That is why Papua Youth Creative Hub will do many tasks. The main program is to become a center for developing creativity for start-up businesses in West Papua. With this in mind, there are various self-development activities for youth in Papua.

It is also relatable with other skills to advance business ability, such as soft skill communication, leadership skills, and management basics. The existence of this program is one of Indonesia’s movements in building the homeland version of Silicon Valley. As a result, the government hopes that new unicorns and decacorns will emerge in eastern Indonesia, especially from Papua.

Papua Youth Creative Hub is a large project built by the government. It will be made on 1.5 hectares of land with modern construction. There are several sections in this building, such as a study room about business, technology, and the basics of starting up development. Plus, there are also dormitories to accommodate young people who come from outside Papua.

Founder of the Inspirational Young Papua Movement

This great plan does not exist by itself, just like that. Many people participated in founding this inspiring movement. One of the most important is Paskalis Pigai. This young man from West Papua focuses on the world of art and photography. From this field, Paskalis succeeded in making a nutmeg chopper design developed in a prototype machine model.

Finally, in early 2019, he had the opportunity to be in charge of the interior design of two Oil and Gas Centers, the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Papua, where he completed his studies. His goal in contributing to the Papua Youth Creative Hub is to significantly reveal creative centers and start-ups from the eastern region of Indonesia.

Following its main concept, the Papua Youth Creative Hub association will support young children who have artistic and entertainment talents. It is expected to create the greatest ecosystem to increase the economic system. Paskalis also said that every person in Papua hopes to build a better place in their original place.

In addition, there is also another founder, namely Billy Mambrasar (Director of Inspirational Young Papua). The design concept for the construction of this building will be a combination of various traditional houses in Papua and the idea of the future. Billy is optimistic that the construction of this building will have a significant impact on West Papua economic development.

He also estimates that there will be 100 start-ups in the future that will accelerate the development of the welfare of the Papuan people. Not only that, but you will find another founder, namely Yane Ansanay. It is the first Doctor of Physics from Papua to graduate from a university in the United States. She is one of the inspiring youths to build a research center for Papuan.

Yane became an inspiration in the development of the Papua Youth Creative Hub. He succeeded in making bioethanol into electrical energy as an alternative energy source. It will be a good discovery because it can replace kerosene which is still widely used in Papua. Another reason is that Papua is rich in natural materials easily converted into renewable energy.

Ground Breaking Papua Youth Creative Hub by President

The building construction for the Papua Youth Creative Hub program is one of the program’s focuses to support Papua. The President laid the groundwork for the building that will become the center for developing skills for the young generation. The project estimate is October 11, 2022, to support the innovation system in West Papua and its surroundings.

Overall, the development of the Papua Youth Creative Hub is a new hope to explore the creative potential of Papuan children. The government and its staff believe that the talents of young people still need to be developed to become the best. As a result, this building becomes a new hope for a better future for Papua and Indonesia.

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