Promoting Youth Participation in West Papua Development

West Papua

The younger generation must participate and be actively involved in the development of West Papua.

The massive growth in the eastern part of Indonesia threatens the preservation of nature and its endemic animal populations.

Why Youth Need to Participate in the Development of West Papua

Youth participation must be at the forefront of preserving Indonesia’s natural environment, especially in West Papua.

They have an essential role as actors and community mobilizers in raising public awareness regarding sustainable development.

Being the future of West Papua better, there must be a surge in the demographics of the younger generation.

The following are positive things for developing West Papua with young people:

1. Have a Different Mindset

The fundamental thing to protect West Papua’s nature is to change the mindset.

For example, by attending university, children can contribute to building their village with the knowledge they gain.

The younger generation must be willing to move, collaborate and be directly involved in sustainable development through their local wisdom.

As the nation’s next generation, young people need to be aware of and play an active role in sustainable development.

In the future, the resulting policies will not damage nature and harm society and other living things.

2. Understand the Technology

The involvement of young people is significant in society. Moreover, the role of youth is increasingly relied on in today’s digital era.

By utilizing technological sophistication, the issue of sustainable development that is friendly to the environment can be voice louder.

The central government also supports the development of creativity centres to provide more space for West Papuan youth to develop technology, innovation and local Papuan products.

3. Improving Human Resources

Many parties hope that developing the West Papua youth creative can improve Human Resources, boost competitiveness, and realize social justice on the island of Papua.

In the future, Papua will be very dependent on its young generation.

However, the current condition is that the quality of human resources is still low, and the quality of education needs to be evenly distributed.

Another challenge is the need for more access to increased creativity.

Another factor in realizing sustainable development is involving residents in shaping district or village government policies.

Good cooperation between the government and citizens needs to be establish.

4. Have a Strong Physique

Youth is a pillar for the progress and development of the nation. The younger generation is an essential component in the development of a country.

The younger generation has a muscular physique, new knowledge, innovation, and high creativity. With the role of youth, a nation will find it easier to experience change.

5. Agents of Change

Youth can act as agents of change. The youth generation can support changes in the community environment, both nationally and regionally, towards a better direction in the future.

The progress of the nation or region can be through the success of its young generation to make positive changes and conquer all challenges.

Apart from being agents of change, the role of youth is also as agents of development.

Youth have roles and responsibilities in efforts to launch or carry out various kinds of action in multiple fields, both national growth and regional development.

Youth must also have the ability to analyze changing times. They must be able to choose which ones need change and which do not. So is the case with West Papuan youth.

The role of the younger generation in development in West Papua is vital. Youth are agents of change.

Many parties hope that all young people on Earth of Paradise can actively participate in regional development.