Puncak Jaya Height: What to Wear for Hiking at 4884 Meters

Puncak Jaya Height

Puncak Jaya Height

If you are used to climbing mountains with the characteristics of tropical rainforests in Indonesiam there are choices of snowy mountains that offer another adventurous sensation. However, the preparation needed is different from climbing mountains in the tropics.

Those of you who like to climb mountains to feel the beauty of the natural world fulfill the calling of your adventurous spirit are undoubtedly familiar with the preparations for climbing which should not be arbitrary. 

Equipment for mountain climbing consists many things. For example right shoes, warm clothes, ropes, survival kits, enough drinking bottles, carriers, and other equipment. Do you want to increase your climbing level? Try climbing the snowy mountain Puncak Jaya Height, which has 4884 meters. 

In Indonesia, it is rare to have snowy mountains, only in Papua, namely Mount Jaya Wijaya. Climbing Jaya Wijaya is undoubtedly more challenging and requires much more mature preparation. 

What To Wear to Climb Puncak Jaya Height 

Before you make up your mind to climb this snowy mountain, there are preparations you must make. Those will make your trip be safe. You have to prepare even in mental and physical conditions because you will face extreme situations and weather. What things to prepare and what to wear at Puncak Jaya?

  • Special Shoes

Choosing the wrong shoes in Puncak Jaya can make it easy for you to slip or get frostbite on your toes. Choose boots specifically for climbing snowy mountains. The sizes are 1-2 sizes larger to provide enough space for your feet to move freely. Some manufacturers of boots for climbing snowy mountains add a warming layer to the shoes connected to the battery and cables inside.

  • Crampons

At Puncak Jaya Height, wearing boots alone is not enough. It can’t steady your feet on the snowy surface of the mountain. Use crampons and spiked metal shoes. Then,they can be attached to your boots or pre-fitted by the manufacturer. The sharp serrated bottom of the crampons will help you to anchor your feet on the ice on the snowy Jaya Wijaya mountain. It well help you to not slip and roll down easily.

  • Layered Clothes

The temperature at Puncak Jaya can change quickly and drastically. If clouds cover the sun, the temperature on the surface of certain mountains can be very cold. It’s not uncommon for a blizzard to occur at any time. so you need extra protection to deal with unstable weather on a snowy mountain. Wear layers that can be easily removed or put on quickly, a hat to protect your head from the sun, water-resistant gloves, and plenty of spare socks as they get wet soon on the ice. You can also bring some extra jackets or raincoats for added protection.

  • Ice Axe and Harness

Ice axes or harness are usually also used by rock climbers, which function like claws to climb to the top. These equipments in snowy mountain climbing are significant, especially for rescue equipment. 

During a blizzard, you’ll need this tool to take one step at a time. It also can help you climb back up if you get knocked down by an avalanche. A safety device that is no less important is a harness, whose function is to tie a rope so that you are not separated from the rest of the group.

That is Puncak Jaya Height, what to wear for hiking at 4884 meters. Please make sure the clothes and equipment you carry are light enough. However, they should carry out their functions properly. 

Remember to make sure you feel healthy enough to climb to this height. If you feel strange with your body, please don’t climb because it can be dangerous if you drop at a peak. Happy climbing!