Puncak Jaya Weather Update: No More Snow

Puncak Jaya Weather Update

Puncak Jaya Weather Update

Snow is common in countries with subtropical climates. When entering winter, subtropical countries will usually be showered with snow that comes with cold weather. However, snow can also be found in tropical countries, one of which is Indonesia. Puncak Jaya, in the Jayawijaya Mountains series, Papua, is an area in Indonesia with eternal snow.

It make Puncak Jaya, or what is known as Carstensz Pyramid Peak, one of the most famous mountain peaks in Indonesia and even around the world. The snow that is there is known as eternal snow. But unfortunately, Puncak Jaya’s Snow is no longer unlimited.

The climate crisis and global warming are causing the snow of Puncak Jaya Papua to melt. How’s the update now? Here’s Puncak Jaya Weather Update.

This is Puncak Jaya Weather Update

If you want to visit Puncak Jaya, you should know about the weather update there. So, please ensure you read this article below.

● Affected by Global Warming

Puncak Jaya is the highest point on the Indonesian mainland, 4,884 meters above sea level. To reach Puncak Jaya Mountain requires considerable and challenging effort. One of the highest mountains in Indonesia has a fairly extreme height.

The climate crisis and global warming are causing the temperature in Puncak Jaya to be warmer and causing the snow in Puncak Jaya to disappear slowly. The eternal snow on this mountain is affected by global warming. Rising temperatures can trigger more frequent occurrences of extreme weather and climate anomalies. The intensity gets stronger with a long duration.

● The Snow Will Disappear Soon

Puncak Jaya is also a kind of rock or limestone mountain. This makes Puncak Jaya quite challenging to climb. Located in the hills of Jayawijaya, Papua, the temperature of Puncak Jaya at night can drop to -10C. It takes good climbing skills to climb Puncak Jaya.

The challenging entire climb will pay off when you reach Puncak Jaya. The expanse of eternal snow that keeps shining in the hot air of a tropical climate will spoil the eyes of climbers who have made it to the top. But unfortunately, the snow on the top of Puncak Jaya will disappear soon.

● Cannot Survive The Climate Crisis

Puncak Jaya weather update is that eternal snow cannot survive amidst the onslaught of the climate crisis. Unstoppable climate change will threaten the existence of eternal snow. In addition, the glaciers in Puncak Jaya cannot last too long in the hot tropical climate. In 2010, the glacier’s thickness in Puncak Jaya reached almost 32 meters.

Now, the Puncak Jaya glaciers continue to thin up to 7 meters each year. Apart from thickness, Puncak Jaya glaciers are also shrinking. In 2020, only 100 hectares of glaciers in Puncak Jaya remained; in the past, it was 2,000 hectares.

● Make Various Attempts

Various ways to overcome the thinning of glaciers and snow cover in Puncak Jaya. The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has worked with the Regional Government and various international organizations to protect eternal snow.

One of these efforts is eradicating illegal logging and deforestation practices resulting in increased carbon emissions. Starting from saving electricity, and water, waste management, reducing fossil energy and replacing it with electric vehicles, reducing the use of single-use plastics, planting trees, mangrove restoration, and so on.

That’s the Puncak Jaya weather update. In 2025 it is estimated that the ice will disappear completely. Comprehensive and measurable mitigation measures are needed to reduce the rate of climate change so that the eternal snow does not disappear. The government, together with all elements of society, must work and work together in carrying out mitigation actions.