A Wushu Athlete from West Papua Named Rahmat “Yapa” Renwarin

West Papua
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As a country with great diversity, Indonesia has a long history of outstanding achievements in various fields, like sports, music, politics, etc. Each of its regions has contributed different accomplishments through its human resources. West Papua is one of them, particularly in the sports field.

On this occasion, the Cenderawasih land will present one of its talented young athletes, Rahmat Renwarin

Rahmat Renwarin – Career Kaleidoscope

West Papua
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Rahmat H. Renwarin is one of the West Papua wushu athletes. Trained under Wushu Papua, his nickname is familiarly Yapa. He has had several achievements at national sports level competitions. The following is his sports career life.  

1999 – 2004 

Before engaging in the hard-and-soft martial art of the wushu sports field, he once learned boxing. It was during his early training periods at the PPLP Papuan Boxing Training. 

He was one of the students who had a chance to learn boxing under the upbringing of one of the Indonesian boxing legends, the coach Carol Renwarin. 

2016 19th PON

At this XIX National Sports Weeks (PON XIX) held in West Java, Renwarin contributed a bronze medal for the Papua contingent. He won it for one of the branches in wushu, namely the men’s sanda 65kg. 

For your information, sanda is another name for Chinese Boxing or Chinese Kickboxing.  


The West Papua wushu team took part in the 2017 Wushu National Championship in Jakarta. Rahmat Renwarin was one of the members of the squad. He was one of the participants who competed in the men’s sanda 75kg. 

Carol Renwarin was the team manager, Subadio was the coach, and Nickly L Ilolu was the assistant coach. 

This national championship served as the forerunner selection for the athletes to the 2018 Asian Games. 


Semarang State University (Unnes) held the National Wushu Championship (Rector’s Cup) from 24 to 28 April 2019 in the Unnes Sports Arena, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Wushu Papua brought 10 of its best squad, consisting of seven male and three female athletes. Once again, Rahmat Renwarin fought for the men’s sanda 75kg. 

The head coach of Wushu Papua, Nicky Ilolu stated that this national championship served to evaluate the West Papua athletes who had gone through a 5-month TC. 

The contingent won 5 medals, one gold medal, two silver medals, and three bronze medals. 


PON XX 2020 in West Papua

West Papua will host the 20th National Sports Games – PON XX 2020 or PON Papua 2021 – from 2 to 15 October 2021. This sports event was supposed to be held in 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been postponed to 2021.

Wushu Papua and PON XX 2020

The Board of Wushu Papua has stated that the West Papua wushu athletes will perform in 14 Taulo and Jianshu numbers at the upcoming PON XX 2020. They will be the numbers for men’s 48kg to 75kg and women’s 48kg to 60kg.

They are also targeting two gold medals at the upcoming national games of PON XX 2020. 

Head Coach Nicky Ilolu is targeting the wushu sanda for the two gold medals, both for committee and individual matches. In addition to two gold, the target is also one silver and three bronze medals.

The Wushu Papua squad consists of indigenous Papuan athletes (70%) and two additional athletes from outside West Papua. They have had Papuan ID cards and have lived on this island for about three to four years. 

Rahmat Renwarin and PON XX 2020

Papuan Wushu athlete Rahmat Renwarin considers PON XX 2020 his golden opportunity to present a resounding achievement for the Papuan contingent. He feels confident that he can win his first gold medal. 

West Papua is welcoming the national sports games of PON XX 2020 soon on October 2021. Rahmat Renwarin is one of the indigenous athletes from this island who is looking for that big sports event. He has the feeling that it will be his first gold medal achievement.