The Facts of Railway Project in West Papua, Do You Know?

railway project in West Papua

Railway Project in West Papua – The West Papua Provincial Transportation Service is currently working on a draft Governor Regulation to open access to transportation.

Including the railway project in West Papua to encourage regional economic growth.

Come on! Take a Peek at the Railway Project in West Papua

The West Papua Provincial Government has ensured that the railway project in West Papua can continue after coordinating the regional spatial planning plan,

With the new Southwest Papua Province government.

Overall the railway line built from Sorong to Manokwari is 500 km long. In this project, West Papua will be the focal point.

Come on! Take a peek at the facts of railway project in West Papua here:

1. Project for RTRW Adjustment

Head of Railways Division of the West Papua Province Transportation Service,

Max L Sabarofek, said he discussed the railway infrastructure project with the Director General of Railways of the Ministry of Transportation to adjust the RTRW of the two provinces.

“The railway project will continue. We will talk again with the government,” said Max Sabaropek, Thursday (15/12/2022).

The expansion of the Sorong Raya region as a PBD Province is expected to be a driving force for accelerating the development of railroad infrastructure,

To support the economic development of the people of these two regions.

2. Early Draft Railway Project

Max said that the initial draft of the railway project in West Papua was initially set as zero point at kilometre 12 of DEO Sorong Airport. However, now it has shifted to the seaport of the city of Sorong.

“There has been a shift in the starting point of the railroad line from DEO Airport to the sea port of the city of Sorong according

To the public’s request to support connectivity of transportation routes at low prices,” said Max.

For information, the 75-kilometre railway line (Sorong-Maybrat) is the first stage of the entire

First phase of a total of 500 kilometres from Sorong Regency, Southwest Papua, to Manokwari, West Papua.

3. Guided by the Regional Development Plan

The 2023 APBD has guidelines on the 2023-2026 West Papua Regional Development Plan.

RPD focuses on community empowerment by improving the quality of human resources. and accelerating economic development.

The 2023 West Papua Regional budget also projects regional connectivity and infrastructure development.

In addition, sustainable development in the West Papua Special Autonomy corridor will also continue.

The Acting Secretary of West Papua Sangkek Dance confirmed that he would immediately consult the 2023 APBD with the Ministry of Home Affairs in Jakarta.

He also ensured that the DPA could be published early next year.

4. Infrastructure Development from Sorong

Completion of environmental impact analysis and settlement plans completed in 2020. Max explained that the construction of the railway infrastructure would start from Sorong.

In the first phase, construction will begin for as far as 75 kilometres. The route will be built from Sorong City, Sorong Regency, to Ayamaru in Maybrat Regency.

5. The Land has been Record

Max stated that the survey team was already collecting data on land and buildings for the land acquisition process.

He hopes there will be budget sharing between provinces, cities or districts and the central government in the land acquisition process.

“Of course it requires a lot of budget and we hope that the land payment will be in accordance with the selling price of the tax object,” said Max.

Overall, the railway line from Sorong to Manokwari is 500 km long. The railway project in West Papua has become a public concern to date.