5 Recommended Raja Ampat Luxury Resort and Club

Raja Ampat Luxury Resort

Raja Ampat Luxury Resort – Raja Ampat has always been the belle of East Indonesia’s tourism for a long time. The underwater beauty makes anyone amazed.

When visiting it, there are many Raja Ampat luxury resorts ranging from affordable to expensive ones.

Marina Club & Resort

The first Raja Ampat luxury resort to choose from is the Meridian Adventure Marina Club & Resort, located in Waisai, West Papua.

The atmosphere of the resort is like being outdoors. Because of the many trees and gardens around it make it extraordinary.

The rooms are available in a modern minimalist style with complete facilities. There is a space to gather near the swimming pool with various games.

In addition to comfortable rooms, this resort also provides scuba diving packages to enjoy the beauty of marine life with complete equipment.

You can also snorkel and paddle board. Visitors will feel energized staying here.

The resort rate starts from one million rupiahs per room per night.

Visitors will get wi-fi facilities, a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, an airport shuttle, barbecue facilities, and a parking area.

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

Mansuar Island is one of the exciting destinations in Raja Ampat. This large Raja Ampat luxury resort has a jetty with a beautiful expanse of coral reefs.

With wooden interior rooms and complete facilities, anyone will feel comfortable living here.

The scenery is extraordinarily charming and beautiful and will make tourists feel an unforgettable experience.

Rental prices start from 3 million / room/night with luxury facilities such as wi-fi, restaurant, spa, barbecue facilities, and parking lots.

Korpak Villa

Another Raja Ampat luxury resort located in Waisai is Korpak Villa. From the outside, the shape of this row of resorts is like a horse saddle on the beach.

When opening the room’s window, tourists can see a view of clear sea water, which is soothing.

The unit in the form of a stilt house is made of wood and combined with a white sheet mattress. The available outdoor swimming pool adds a luxurious impression.

The location of this resort is only 1.2 km from Saonek Harbor and 13.1 km from Pasir Timbul Raja Ampat.

If you want to stay in this place, tourists have to pay more. For luxury facilities such as restaurants, outdoor pools, and fitness centres, the rental price is around 1.5 million per night.

D’Coral Paradise Resort

If you want to stay with a solid local wisdom feel, visitors to Raja Ampat can book a room at D’Coral Paradise.

The roofs and buildings of each resort unit are shaped like the roofs of traditional Papuan houses.

Facing the beach in Saonek, this resort offers luxurious views from the rooms. Each unit is made of sturdy wood and sits above the sea.

Each unit also gets complete facilities, such as air conditioning, a work desk and a private bathroom.

This luxury resorts is also suitable for family holidays because it has large rooms and a children’s playground.

What’s more, you can get special terrace facilities for sunbathing. Prices start from 1.6 million rupiahs per night.

Agusta Eco Resort

Located on Agusta Island, this resorts is the right choice for you who want a unique experience. This island includes underwater beauty that is very diverse and beautiful.

Supported by white sand beaches, the holiday experience on this island is sure to be unforgettable.

Besides providing bungalow-style rooms with complete facilities, this resort also provides delicious dishes and adequate diving facilities.

The price offered is also fantastic. Starting from 4 million rupiahs per night, this Raja Ampat luxury resort in Sauandarek provides wi-fi services, a restaurant, a swimming pool, parking area.

Those are some recommendations for Raja Ampat luxury resort. Make sure to book a room before visiting this beautiful place.

Of course, these prices are reasonable for those who want a classy vacation.