Raja Ampat West Papua Hidden Paradise

Raja Ampat West Papua Hidden Paradise

As one of the southern parts of Indonesia, not many tourists know about west Papua. Most likely, Indonesia is only known for its mainland, java, Sumatra, or Bali. But, the west Papua province has a more unexpected hidden paradise. One of the most famous west Papua hidden paradises is Raja Ampat. What is this place? Here is a brief shoutout for the enchanting location.

The Ultimate Paradise Of Four Kings

The name of Raja Ampat means the four kings, which refer to the archipelago that is filled with diverse natural beauty. The archipelago itself is surrounding the four main islands, Batanta, Waigeo, Salawati, and Missol. What makes the location worth visiting is the diverse wildlife, from underwater life to the scenic landscape.

The archipelago consists of more than 1,5K small islands surrounding shoals and clays. Thus, creating an ideal kingdom for the underwater ecosystem. The name itself goes to the old legendary story of a woman who found seven eggs. The four of them hatch and turn into the four main islands kings. Meanwhile, the rest turn into a stone, a woman, and a ghost.

The Beauty Of Underwater Kingdoms

The main highlight of the raja Ampat west Papua hidden paradise is the underwater life. The protected archipelago, the underwater ecosystem, and the diversity can bring up the ultimate experience for underwater enthusiasts. The territory of the four main kingdoms is filled with 540 types of corals, 700 types of mollusks, and 1,000 types of coral fish, under the 9.8 million acres area.

The massive collection is considered as one of the biggest coral reefs and an underwater biota library. At some point, the world Nature Conservancy and Conservation International association also states that Raja Ampat has around 75% of the world’s species. With that number, the location is now loved by divers or scuba lovers.

One of the interactions that many scuba lovers can find is swimming with manta rays. There is also a school of tuna fish, batfish, trevallies, and barracudas. The diving spot in this west Papua hidden paradise is varying. Among the famous spots, you can try Kabui Passage, Yenbuba, Sawandarek, Arborek, and many more.

Breathtaking Surface Landscape

Raja Ampat West Papua Hidden Paradise

Aside from the underwater wonders, Raja Ampat is also known as the famous honeymoon destination. The breathtaking landscape is filled with aesthetic hills, mountains, and the perfect painting of mother nature. The thick jungle brings up the sense of tranquility and isolation, which is far from the buzzing cityscape.

But what lies inside the greens is as incredible as the underwater life. The wildlife inside the thick forest is the home of various rare bird species. The Cendrawasih, cuscus, and ranges of marsupials are living in it. But not only the greens, but you can also see the crystal clear water with pure white beach splayed across raja Ampat.

Being situated in the southern part of Indonesia does not mean that Papua is lacking beauty. The isolation and far from modern touch make west Papua attractive tourism. Raja Ampat is probably the most famous destination that highlights the natural beauty of the Indonesian archipelago and diverse wildlife.