West Papua Diary

List of City and Regencies of West Papua

West Papua is a province in Indonesia located in the westernmost part of Papua. There are many regencies of West Papua that you need to know.

The province where the University of Papua is founded is also unique, so many tourists want to visit it to feel the atmosphere of West Papua culture.

List of City and Regencies of West Papua

Before entering the list of districts, some of you may wonder whether West Papua is part of Indonesia. This question is common because some people only know an area, not the country.

The answer is right! West Papua is a province in Indonesia. West Papua is always growing, so they can help develop the economy and tourism there. The apital is Manokwari City,

Well, currently there are a total of 12 districts of West Papua, they are:

1. Fakfak Regency

Fakfak City is the Capital of Fakfak Regency, and among all cities on Papua Island, Fakfak city is the oldest. The nickname of this district is “City of Nutmeg”, because Fakfak is the largest producer of nutmeg seeds in Indonesia, which is around 70%.

Its location in the southern part of the bird’s head of Papua Island makes it a district with a strategic location because it can connect with Ambon City more quickly.

2. Kaimana Regency

The district capital is located in the Kaimana District, which is located on the “bird’s neck” of Papua. Local legend states that the inspiration for the state symbol “Garuda Pancasila” came from Kaimana. This is what makes this district symbol also use the eagle.

3. Manokwari Regency

Manokwari is the district as well as the capital city of West Papua Province. It is  a historic city for the Christian community in Papua. Because it was there that two evangelists began to spread Protestant Christianity.

4. South Manokwari Regency

South Manokwari is a district resulting from the division of Manokwari Regent. The regency, which has the capital city of Ransiki, was officially independent on October 25, 2012.

5. Maybrat Regency

This district was formed in 2009 after the division of Sorong Regency. Maybrat is famous for Framu Ayamaru Lake.

6. Arfak Regency Mountains

The capital city of this district is Anggi and was officially established on October 25, 2012. This district has cold temperatures because it is located in the highlands.

7. Raja Ampat Regency

Raja Ampat is one of the most famous districts for tourists because of its beautiful islands. The total islands are around 610 islands, including the famous Raja Ampat Archipelago. Because it is an archipelagic area, access between places using sea vehicles.

8. Sorong Regency

Aimas is the capital city of Sorong Regency. Sorong is known as one of the most oil-producing areas in Indonesia. Sorong Regency is also famous as a “bridge” to Raja Ampat.

9. Tambrauw Regency

Tambwauw’s administrative center is in Fef. Tambrauw has a special beach to observe leatherback turtles (Dermochelys Corriacea) laying eggs, namely Pantai Mudasba Medi.

10. Teluk Bintuni Regency

This district is nicknamed the rich country in Papua because it has a lot of potential for natural wealth, agricultural products, and beautiful scenery.

11. Wondama Bay Regency

This regency was established on April 12, 2003 and its capital city is Rasiei.

12. South Sorong Regency

The capital city of South Sorong is Teminabuan. This district has 14 districts which include 210 villages.

13. Sorong City

Sorong City is the widest city and also known as the City of Oil. The location is also famous for its strategic location because it is a transit point and entrance to West Papua and is known as a city of trade, industry, and services.


All of the cities and regencies of West Papua above are areas that have great potent

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