Requirements on the Operation of Gold Mining in Etna Bay and Yamor, West Papua

West Papua
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West Papua has abundant natural resources, including in the mining sector. One of the mining sectors in this province is gold mines in the Etna Bay and Yamor District, Kaimana Regency. 

Seeing the potency of gold mining in West Papua is big, many parties such as the state-owned mining company, the private local mining company, private international mining company, and local community. To avoid the takeover of the mining companies, the local communities in Kaimana Regency apply for the mining license to the regent. To get this license some requirements should be completed.

Gold Mining in Etna Bay and Yamor District, Kaimana Regency

West Papua
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Besides renewable natural resources, West Papua is rich in abundant non-renewable natural resources. One of the abundant non-renewable resources is gold. Gold is detected in Etna Bay District and Yamor District, Kaimana Regency. Surrounded by the mountainous areas, these districts become the residency of indigenous tribes

As the local communities aim to manage the gold mining operation in those areas, they need to apply for the mining license. To obtain this license, they need to complete the requirements.

Requirements on the Operational Management of Gold Mining

West Papua
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The local communities in Kaimana Regency, West Papua apply for a mining license in two locations: Etna Bay District and Yamor District. To get the community mining license, the applicant must complete all the requirements:

  • Turn the locations into community mining areas

When a group of local communities wants to apply for gold mining permit issuance, they need to make sure the characteristics of the areas that they want to mine. Based on Law no.4/2009 on Mineral and Coal Mining, a mining permit for the communities is a mining authorization given by the government to local people to carry out several mining operation managements in limited areas. 

The applicant needs to submit a letter of the opening of the mining land to the regent. Before submitting the letter and the documents, they have to make sure that the locations should cover a maximum of five hectares of gold mining areas.

  • Prepare the requirements

Some documents are needed to complete the requirements for the issuance of a community mining license in Etna Bay and Yamor District, Kaimana Regency, West Papua. The requirements consist of administration, technical, environment, and finance.

  • Administration

Here are some requirements that the applicant should complete. They are: 

  • Application letter
  • Composition of management 
  • Certificate of domicile 
  • Exploration work plan
  • Technical

For the technical requirements, the applicant should complete some documents. They are:

  • Curriculum vitae and statement letter from mining or geology personnel with at least 3 (three) years of experience 
  • The map of the mining business license area, completed with geographical coordinates of latitude and longitude following the provisions of the nationally applicable geographic information system.
  • Environment
  • A statement letter to comply based on the laws and regulations regarding the environmental protection and management.
  • Finance

For financial requirements, the applicant should submit:

  • The proof of the collateral of placement for the seriousness of the implementation of exploration activities, 
  • Proof of payment for the informational data compensation on the results of the auction of metal mineral in mining business license area under the value of the auction offer or the proof of payment of the cost of area reservation and payment for printing the map of the metal mineral in mining business license area and assistance of the area request.



In conclusion, the local communities in Kaimana Regency, West Papua can stand together to manage the operational administration and activities of gold mining legally. They can apply for the issuance of a mining license. After receiving the license, they can do the mining management based on the cultural values they believe in without destroying the environment.