Ways of Restoration of Degraded Lands in Indonesia: Conservation Efforts

Restoration of Degraded Lands

Restoration of degraded lands must be carried out as quickly as possible to avoid unwanted environmental events or problems by the community.

In addition, this method is also useful for the economy and cultural continuity in several provinces. Therefore, the government must cooperate in carrying out this program.

Ways of Restoration of Degraded Lands

There are many ways the government can do to deal with degraded land, such as reforestation, restoring forests, repairing waterways, and so on.

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1. Making the Land a Forest

Converting land into trees is one way to stop land deterioration. As is well known, forests are a crucial habitat for many different animals.

As the earth’s lungs, forests protect the planet from different natural calamities and damage. One technique to convert land into a forest is to plant trees there.

Many forests are now being use as development land so that they can erode the existence of forests in various regions in Indonesia.

Of course this has a big impact on the environment, so it is necessary to carry out continuous conservation efforts to restore the function of the forest as before.

2. Make a Water Release Channel

Making water release channels may be a solution to the problem of deteriorating land. Soil is typically damp in locations with high rainfall.

Making swales or terracing is the ideal option to stop soil quality degradation if the property is in the shape of mountains, hills, or even highlands.

We can create water release channels to deal with land deterioration, but it is also insufficient.

In this case, the government plays an important role in helping people create the environment they want to overcome the occurrence of land degradation.

The goal is to create a prosperous society.

3. Reforestation

Reforestation is a successful method of preserving the environment, particularly the land, air, environment, and wildlife.

The best approach to stop land deterioration is through reforestation or tree planting in deforested woods. In addition to preventing soil erosion, trees can also help the soil retain water.

Besides that, reforestation can also help provide more oxygen in the air. In addition, reforestation is expect to reduce the intensity of natural disasters,

Such as floods, landslides, and so on. That way, people’s lives in various regions can be maintain safely and minimize the occurrence of victims.

4. Pemanfaatan Hutan dengan Baik

Proper forest utilization can also be done to avoid land degradation. People who still depend on the forest can meet their needs through this place.

Fulfilling these needs is like food from forest products, as in West Papua.

In addition, keeping the ecosystem habitat in it is maintain so that the food chain is not disturb.

This is the right step that the government must take and make the forest a conservation area to protect the existence of the animal ecosystem in it.

That was information related to ways of restoration of degraded lands in Indonesia. Maintaining the balance of the environment is the responsibility of all of us.

Thus, undesirable matters or problems relate\ to these matters can be avoid and are not harmful to society.