Field Star from Eastern Indonesia, Ricky Kambuaya

Ricky Kambuaya

Ricky kambuaya is one of the best players in Indonesia with great potential. He is fearless and always wants to try. Ricky Kambuaya is a child with a strong will and must be able to achieve what he wants.

Interesting Facts about Ricky Kambuaya

Ricky Kambuaya is one of the nation’s children who is very proud of Indonesia. He is a boy full of dreams, even though obstacles and obstacles are always there.

You might need to learn some interesting facts about Ricky Kambuaya. Anything? Here’s an interesting fact!

1. Ricky Kambuaya’s Bio

Born in Sorong, Papua, on May 5, 1996, Ricky is the second child of four siblings. Like most other boys, Ricky Kambuaya is a child who loves football.

Ricky is currently 27 years old and a very reliable player, namely as an attacking midfielder at Persib Bandung. In 2020, Ricky joined Persebaya; since 2022, he has joined Persib Bandung.

This 172 cm tall man has a unique jersey number, 55 for Persib Bandung and the national team jersey number, 15. The number 5 is always with him.

2. The Family was Forbidden to Play Football

Profession prohibition is often everyone’s story, and so is Ricky Kambuaya. His mother did not support Ricky’s desire to play football. Moreover, the distance he traveled was very far.

His education had not yet still needed to be Ricky’s mother strictly forbade Ricky to go to Mojokerto because it was far from his homeland, and he had no relatives there.

However, in the end, he got prayers and support from his mother.

3. Starting a Career in Java

Mojokerto was the first area where Ricky could experience playing football. The Ambassadors Club was his first club, and he joined in 2015.

Then he moved to the senior club and joined PS Mojokerto Putra from 2017 to 2019. With such a good performance, in 2019, Ricky joined PSS Sleman.

4. He is s Bachelor

Many people prioritize goals rather than college. But not with Ricky Kambuaya. He has completed his undergraduate education at the Muhammadiyah University of Sorong.

Ricky’s parents always provide support for educational issues. His parents often advised him to finish college and focus on his football career. As a good boy, Ricky agreed to that.

5. Comes from a Simple Family

Ricky kambuaya is a boy born in Papua with many talents and charms. His father greatly supported his love of football.

When he returned to Papua, Ricky often went to the family garden. In his village, Ricky’s family is a simple farmer. Simplicity will not hinder someone from being rich in will and dreams.

6. Become the Man of the Match

Ricky created a beautiful goal when he met Thailand. Indonesia, in the first round of leg 2 of the 2020 AFF Final, dominated by pressing Thailand’s game.

Ricky managed to take advantage of that until it became a goal.

The national team, which Ricky Kambuaya strengthened, won 4-2 against Cambodia, and this was a victory in their first match in Group B of the 2020 AFF Suzuki Cup.

For this, Ricky managed to become the man of the match.

Ricky Kambuaya has many achievements and interesting facts that need to be discussed, starting from his determination and dreams and the results he is currently receiving.

Ricky became a respected football athlete and a favorite of many people.