Rumberpon West Papua Hidden Paradise

Rumberpon West Papua Hidden Paradise

When you are looking for a vacation retreat that is stunning, hidden, yet filled with charm, you need to consider the eastern part of Indonesia. West Papua, in particular, has a range of hidden paradises filled with pristine natural beauty. And one of the West Papua hidden paradises is the famous Rumberpon island in Wondama cape.

The All In One Island Retreat Location

What can you expect from a quite isolated island with a shoreline that reaches 6.000 m? It is one of the most accessible islands in Cendrawasih Bay, which is why Rumberpon is quite popular for tourists. But, the charm is beyond a small island. It is a packed retreat that comes with lush trees, a white beach, crystal clear seawater, and a long shoreline to enjoy.
The natural landscape and the pristine environment are perfect are for adventure. You can witness the rich island filled with ranges of floras and faunas. The location also has some trekking routes that lead to a clean beach. Marine life is a sight that you should never miss. It is filled with reef flats that are scattered on the seafloor, along with the famous turtles and dugong.

Things To Do

1. Water Sports

Since the west Papua hidden paradise popularity is increasing, the location now has some infrastructure and features. You can explore and take some exciting activities such as watersports. The clear water and the calm waves are the perfect requirements to enjoy water skis, windsurfing, fishing, or swimming.

2. Diving

Since the water is crystal clear, you can easily see the seafloor carpeted with a reef. The corals, underwater life, and the famous 9-reef flat area are the highlight of Rumberpon. Take the chance to do some diving and snorkeling to witness it directly. The clear water and the waves will support you to enjoy marine life wholeheartedly.

3. Enjoy The Beach And Area

Rumberpon West Papua Hidden Paradise

If you prefer the calm and breezy wind, it is always best to spend time enjoying the west Papua hidden paradise. Spend your time take the beauty of the beach, relax in the white sand, and enjoy the summer in the area. Don’t forget to explore the islands since they also house some endemic animals, such as the rare Burung Rusa, Kuskus, or sea eagles bird.
Getting There

As an island that is located in the Cendrawasih bay, the place is pretty far from the center of West Papua. However, you can get there from Manokwari city at Rendani Airport. After that, you can only reach the island through a speedboat, which is available in the nearby port. It is also possible to reach Ransiki and take a longboat. The travel takes around 5- 6 hours to go to the west Papua hidden paradise.

The Rumberpon island becomes a hidden paradise due to its pristine and virgin location. The location is pretty far from the center capital, which makes it quite isolated. And that condition only enhances its natural beauty. You got glittering water, the green lush jungle, the pure white sand, and the serene atmosphere for a perfect escape.