South Sorong and Its Regent, Samsudin Anggiluli

Samsudin Anggiluli

Speaking of regents in some provinces in Indonesia, this time, we’ll focus on one of Papua’s most prominent figures: the Regent of South Sorong, Samsudin Anggiluli.

The jurisdictional leadership structure in Indonesia is highly complicated and structured; president, governor, regent, etc. President is the headmaster of the country, a governor for the province, and a regent for the regency level.

More information is provided below:

Samsudin Anggiluli, The (Former) Regent of South Sorong

Samsudin Anggiluli, The (Former) Regent of South Sorong

Samsudin Anggiluli, S.E., has been appointed Regent of South Sorong for the 2016–2021 term, succeeding Otto Lhalauw. In 2000, he earned a Bachelor of Economics Education in Manado; in 2019, he earned a Master of Administrative Science Education in Makassar.

Before he embarked to be the Regent of South Sorong, he worked in various professions. You may take a look at Samsudin Anggiluli’s professional history below for the complete story:

  1. South Sorong’s Regent (2016–2021).
  2. South Sorong Vice Regent (2010-2015)
  3. Head of the Asset Division of the South Sorong Regency Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (2009–2010)
  4. Head of the Finance Section of South Sorong Regency’s Verification Sub-Division (2007–2009).
  5. The Regent’s Cash Treasurer and Vice Regent of South Sorong Regency (2005-2007).
  6. South Sorong Regional Secretariat Salary Treasurer (2004–2005).

Following the records, we can conclude that this previous Regent of South Sorong has had a great career and has had the propensity to operate in the field of government since the beginning.

Now, after becoming familiar with the figure of Samsudin Anggiluli, let us learn a bit about some of the policies that Samsudin Anggiluli has undertaken for the development of the West Papua area, particularly the South Sorong Regency.

Samsudin Anggiluli Policy

Each leader has his or her own unique approach to ruling a territory and also has their own merit. As for Samsudin Anggiluli’s part, he was concerned about the South Sorong region’s lighting, roadworthiness, and clean water supply.

He often talked to his team to pay close attention to these three public facilities since these three aspects of communal life greatly influence survival. particularly in a large city like South Sorong, West Papua.

About South Sorong

South Sorong is one of West Papua Province’s regencies. It is divided into 14 districts, encompassing 210 villages and three urban settlements. This beautiful land also has many natural resources as a conservation zone.

It has gained the moniker “Regency of the Thousand Rivers” in West Papua due to its abundant rivers and water sources. That is the distinguishing feature of South Sorong.

That’s why if you get the opportunity to visit South Sorong while on vacation in West Papua, you should go visit the place.

Other than that, this area is a popular destination for travelers and is sometimes referred to as the “Gateway to Raja Ampat” since it offers a broad range of exciting trips.

The Mangroves in South Sorong

The richness of mangroves in South Sorong’s coastal area is relatively great, as evidenced by the 33 species of mangroves discovered during the observation, which account for 61.50% of the total 52 mangrove species in Papua and West Papua.

This is directly proportional to the amount of shrimp produced for domestic consumption, such as Sorong Raya, Surabaya, and Makassar, and even exported to Europe and Asia.

This precious land serves as a buffer to stop saltwater intrusion or seepage on land, sheltering beaches from seawater abrasion, supplying food for tiny invertebrates and marine biota, serving as a nursery, and serving as feeding grounds for shrimp, crabs, shellfish, and other marine life. Thus, Samsudin Anggiluli can solve people’s problems in Sorong.