Satu Tungku Tiga Batu: Philosophy about Equality in West Papua

Get to Know Satu Tungku Tiga Batu

If we need to pinpoint what is so special about West Papua, then one of them is definitely its diversity. Many tribes, cultures, religions, and other social segments exist here. However, there is still equality in society, thanks to Satu Tungku Tiga Batu, which became the popular motto.

Obviously, there is a philosophy behind Satu Tungku Tiga Batu that is rooted deep in the life of West Papuan, especially people in Fakfak. It can maintain harmony between societies from different backgrounds. This motto also can help women and children, as vulnerable groups, to achieve social equality.

For more understanding, here is the explanation regarding it!

The Philosophy behind ‘Satu Tungku Tiga Batu’

Get to know the Philosophy behind Satu Tungku Tiga Batu

According to its literal meaning, Satu Tungku Tiga Batu means “One Furnace Three Stones” in English. In the past, it refers to a large furnace that people can use as a place to cook. The furnace is made from three stones which are the same size. Those stones must be sturdy, strong, and heat resistant. [1]

People will usually place a large cauldron on the furnace for cooking. That is why the three stones are positioned circularly, so they can support the weight of the cauldron. This is the value adapted from the people of West Papua, especially Fakfak, where this motto comes from.

As one of the most diverse areas in West Papua, the motto of Fakfak obviously suits them. The three stones stand for me, you, and us. It means me, you, and us, need to be sturdy, strong, and resistant to our own beliefs. However, we need to work together in harmony in order to support society.

Mbaham Matta, one of the oldest indigenous peoples in Fakfak, is the one who introduced the philosophy about Satu Tungku Tiga Batu.[2]

Preserving equality in Indonesia means adhering to the values of Keadilan Sosial Bagi Seluruh Rakyat Indonesia in Pancasila.

Starting from Fakfak, the motto of Satu Tungku Tiga Baru began to be adopted by other communities in West Papua. In the 1990s, the local government of Fakfak registered Satu Tungku Tiga Batu as the philosophy of the Fakfak Regency.

How ‘Satu Tungku Tiga Batu’ Promoting Social Equality in Papua

There are several forms of implementing the One Three Three New philosophy in Papuan society. 

1. Maintains Harmony in West Papua 

Satu Tungku Tiga Batu Building

In the past, Fakfak became the gateway for all the differences that enter the land of Papua. From the three major religions in Papua, two of them entered through Fakfak, that is, Islam and Catholicism. Aside from that, many migrant communities outside West Papua come through Fakfak.

That is why, in today’s society, there are so many differences in Fakfak. However, conflicts rarely happen in this area. Because everyone respects one another, according to the motto One Furnace Three Stones, all people that live in Fakfak adhere to this motto and create harmony in their social life. 

2. Advocating Social Equality and Helps Women and Children in The Society 

In addition to that, the motto also helps to advocate social equality for women and children in society. It is because, in general, the gender development index and gender empowerment index in West Papua are still below the national average. [3] There needs to be a change for better equality.

The role of women in the regional development and governance of West Papua is still very minimal. That is why the motto must be upheld because everyone has the right to join in supporting the “cauldron,” including women. 

Up until now, there is only one female deputy regent in West Papua, serving in Fakfak. [4] As you already know, Fakfak is the original place where “Satu Tungku Tiga Batu” is applied in the lives of society. In its philosophy, everyone has an equal chance regardless of differences in every social segment. 

Not only for women, but Satu Tungku Tiga Batu also can help to protect children and open opportunities for participating in the development of West Papua. [5] In line with the improvement of social equality in West Papua, social development will also be faster and more effective.