Meet ADik & ADEM, Scholarship Programs in West Papua

Meet ADik & ADEM, Scholarship Programs in West Papua

A hero who fought for independence in terms of education for the entire Indonesian nation. This article will talk about Scholarship Programs in West Papua. It believes that various threats and challenges do not weaken the determination of a freedom fighter to think and express his opinion in the field of education.

Meet ADik & ADEM, Scholarship Programs in West Papua

West Papua is a  province located at the eastern end of Indonesia. To improve education in Papua, the government issued ADEM and ADiK programs.

What are ADEM and ADiK?

Following the 1945 Constitution, Article 31 paragraph (1) reads that “every citizen has the right to education.” The author reveals that education has been carried out evenly for Papua, West Papua, and areas with the 3T regions. So that every citizen should feel the education that exists in this country.

The government also issued several proposals to provide suitable solutions in terms of education, especially in the Papua region. “ADEM” refers to the concept turned into a program.

It’s a Secondary Education Affirmation program, and there is another form of government program ‘ADiK.’ It’s the Higher Education Affirmation program. This ADiK program has three categories: ADiK 3T, ADiK Papua, and West Papua, ADiK ADEM, and TKI.

The Purpose of the Scholarship Program in West Papua

Many still do not know about these Scholarship Programs in West Papua, which are explained clearly by the government. However, the people of the Land of Papua have given the government’s initiative a positive reception this time. 

The ADEM and ADiK educational programs are consider the most recent innovations to address issues relating to providing high-quality education in Indonesia.

  • ADEM Scholarship Program 

ADEM is a government program for the Papuan people in terms of education. This program is more aimed at students currently taking high school, such as high school. The nominees for this ADEM scholarship must be best 10 high schooler.

In one of his interviews with Papuan students who received ADEM scholarships, the author also explained that they made a very tight selection and competed with each other among fellow students in the Tanah Papua area.

  • ADiK Scholarship Program

As for the ADiK program, students who receive the scholarship program will continue their education to a higher level, namely university. The article demonstrates that students who earned ADEM scholarships throughout high school typically remain in the ADiK program. 

Many opt to pursue higher education by reapplying for ADiK Scholarship Programs in West Papua as they are already in the abroad locations where students from Papua are dispersed.

Papua Province Gets a Quota of 850 ADEM Scholarship 

Papuan Provincial Government’s Adik in 2022 receives a percentage of 850 affirmation scholarships from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia. The 500-person ADik program and the 350-person ADEM program are the designated recipients of the affirmation scholarship quota.

Acting Department of Education, Libraries, and Regional Archives of Papua Province, Protasius Lobya, said that every district and city would have representation to participate in the program. However, not all towns and regencies could fulfill the quota given because, at the test stage, many did not pass.

“This ADik program provides learning opportunities in higher education. It aims the students who experience difficulties and affordability of access to education due to their condition and existence,” said the Sub-Coordinator of ADik Puslapdik Ruknan quoted from the page, Tuesday, March 22, 2022.

Scholarship Program in West Papua Requirements 

To qualify for the ADik scholarship, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Prospective recipients must be native Papuans (OAP) following Law Number 21 of 2001 concerning Special Autonomy for the Provinces of Papua and West Papua. The Ministry of PMI’s family children from border areas implemented the National Education Policy.
  2. Graduates of 2022 or 2021  
  3. Have a Population Identification Number (NIK)
  4. Have a National Student Identification Number (NISN)
  5. Schools have a National School Identification Number (NPSN)
  6. Average report card score of 75 for six subjects following the majors of the prospective selection participants
  7. Have passed the selection process in all new student admissions paths at PTN or PTS for study programs accredited A, B, or C or have passed the ADik selection test.

Wrapping Up

Ruknan said that Scholarship Programs in West Papua, especially ADik scholarship recipients, would be exempted from tuition fees and monthly living expenses assistance. As well as help with transportation costs for travel from the origin area to the receiving university location.