All You Should Know About Sebyar Tribe: Origin, Language & Culture

All You Should Know About Sebyar Tribe Origin, Language Culture
All You Should Know About Sebyar Tribe Origin, Language Culture

It is already common knowledge that Indonesia is an archipelagic country with many tribes. Among all areas in Indonesia, Papua is one of the regions with the most ethnic groups. Up until now, it is recorded that there are 255 tribes from Papua. One of them is the Sebyar Tribe.

However, many people still did not know about the tribe of Sebyar. As you already know, when people talk about the tribes in Papua, they usually mention the Asmat Tribe or Dani Tribe. But you also have to know about Sebyar. Here are the important facts about them!

The Origin of Sebyar Tribe

The Origin of Sebyar Tribe - Sebyar Tribe

Sebyar is one of the tribes in Teluk Bintuni Regency. Their origin is from the Bintuni People, a big ethnic group consisting of seven different tribes. They are the original tribes who inhabited Teluk Bintuni for hundreds of years.

Alongside Sebyar, there are also Kuri, Wamesa, Sough, Irarutu, Sumuri, and Moskona. Of 53.564 residents of Teluk Bintuni, approximately, there are 3.000 the tribe of Sebyar. Mostly, they live in the east and west of the Weriagar River. Also, they live around the Sebyar River.

Are you are curious about which village Sebyar Tribe lives in? Administratively, the Sebyars live in four villages. They live in Tomu district, Weriagar district, Taroi district, and Kamundan district.

The Religion of the Sebyar Tribe

The Religion of the Sebyar

When you talk about Papuans as a whole, more than half of them are Christians. This is because of the influence of the Portuguese and Dutch. During the colonial period, they also had a Gospel mission to spread Christianity in Indonesia, including Papua.

However, when you are talking about the religion of the Sebyar Tribe, then the majority of the Sebyars is Muslim. This is because, in the 15th century, Sultan Tidore came to Teluk Bintuni. He came to introduce Islam to the Bintuni People, including the Sebyars.

The Language of Sebyar Tribe

The Language of Sebyar Tribe

Besides having many tribes, Papua has many languages as well. This is because all of the tribes in Papua speak different languages, including the Sebyars. Sebyar Tribe language is called bahasa Sebyar.

The language has characteristics that are certainly different from other tribal languages. There are some similarities, but it is not grand. Only one or two words have the same meaning.

If you want to speak the Sebyar language as a non-Sebyar, approximately, you need six months to learn it. However, there is a myth about the Sebyars. If you sit on a crab shell under the tan and are surprised, you can learn Sebyar language faster.

The Clan in Sebyar Tribe

The Clan in Sebyar Tribe

Same with most tribes in Asia, people from Sebyar also have clans. The thing that characterizes them is their last name. The clans in Sebyar Tribe are passed down through patrilineal. Usually, this happens after marriage, through dowry. Some pay the dowry in total, and some payment on credit.

There are many clans amongst the Sebyars. The most common ones are Kokop, Inai, Kutanggas, Braweri, Hindom, Bauw, Kinder, Solowat, Kinder, and also Iribaram. However, there are probably other clans as well. The fact is, their last name is essential to them.

Because it can make them recognize each other just by looking at each other’s last name, the ties of brotherhood and sisterhood will run strong even though they started as strangers. Only sharing the same last name will make them know they are family.

Final Words

So, those are important facts that you need to know about the Sebyar Tribe. In conclusion, the tribe of Sebyar is one of the seven tribes that originate from Teluk Bintuni. The majority of them are Muslim. Also, they speak the Sebyar language and have some clans with different last names.