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West Papua Rockjumper

West Papua Rockjumper

Are you a bird lover? Do you want to see many endemic birds unique to the province of West Papua? Then, you might want to book a birding tour provided by the West Papua Rockjumper Birding. West Papua, occupying the western side of New Guinea Island, has a large number of endemic bird species. Visiting the Arfak Mountain areas, you can see the White Striped Forest Rail, Mountain Owl, Blue Jewel-babbler, Little Melampitta, and many more.

Going there alone or with friends works, too. However, it will be more convenient to book a tour package. You do not need to plan out every minute detail. Just prepare your official documents and you can experience an amazing birding trip. The tours are also right for wildlife photographers. However, the main focus of each tour is to experience bird sightseeing in every destination.

What is West Papua Rockjumper Birding?

It is a company providing several birding tours to over hundreds of countries in America, Asia, Europe, and Africa Continents. Rockjumper Birding was established in South Africa and Mauritius. They have many proficient tour leaders who are bird lovers.

The company offers plenty of tour packages. For birding tours in the West Papua province, they have five different packages that you can choose from. Each tour itinerary comprises a carefully planned schedule, hospitable amenities, and delicious food. The tour consists of a small number of people, around 8 to 12. They also provide personal tour leaders who have sufficient knowledge and experience in making the birding tour enjoyable.

The Birding Tour Packages to West Papua

  1. Birding Tour of 20 days

The birding tour packages differ in the length of the trip. One of the birding tours to the West Papua region will be open on 01 July to 20 July 2023 (20 days). This trip will go through the northern lowlands of Arfak Mountains and Biak Island and Ibele Valley of Snow Mountains. In those areas, you can see tens of endemic birds including Snow Mountain Quail, Western Crowned Pigeon, Pesquet’s Parrot, Greater Ground Robin, Papuan Logrunner, Papuan Eagle, and many more.

Even though you do not have any experience in hiking or living in the wilderness, do not worry. Along the journey, the tour leaders and members will rest and camp in remote areas near the indigenous people’s villages. However, it is recommendable that you do some light exercise before the trip.

  1. A Cruise to Remote West Papuan Islands (14 days)

This West Papua Rockjumper Birding trip will take 14 days from 22 October to 4 November 2023. The tour leaders are going to take you on a thrilling voyage to visit several hidden gems or islands in West Papua. First, the trip began by visiting the lush forest near Sorong City. Then, it continues to Waigeo Island, a district in Raja Ampat Regency.

Last, you will be going to the remote Kofiau Island. Kofiau Island is famous for its endemic birds. There, you can see the Kofiau Monarch and Paradise Kingfisher which live in the low area of the forest on Kofiau Island. This trip also includes an exploration of South Moluccas and Ambon where you can observe the endemic birds such as the Moluccan Woodcock, Salmon-crested Cockatoo, Lazuli Kingfisher, and many more.

If you want to look for more information on birding tours, visit the official site of West Papua Rockjumper Birding. There are some amazing birding tours that are not mentioned in this article. Some of the tours also provide sightseeing of other non-bird species. So, do not worry if you want to catch sight of other endemic animals and plants.

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