Wow! This District In Jayawijaya Papua Is Preening

West Papua
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When talking about Papua and West Papua, the first thing coming to mind is its natural and pure nature. There are many parts of this province that are still hidden from the world. One of the most famous yet natural regencies is Jayawijaya. Some of the districts offer interesting sights for those who want to come and witness the beauty of this stunning Indonesian province. 

West Papua
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What do you know about Bpiri District in Jayawijaya Papua?

You would search for the answer to that simple question since this might be the first time you have heard about this district name. It is one of the 39 districts in Jayawijaya. Bpiri is located on the highland with a height of 2.068 above sea level. This makes this district has quite a cold temperature and a beautiful landscape. 

Bpiri has 7 villages spread over its 348,12 km² area. Those villages are Ayoma, Dlinggama, Dlonggoki, Irilinga, Onggobaga, Tirunggu and Walakma. There are more than a thousand people that live in this district. Just like the other Papuans, people living here are still very traditional, which makes the district even more interesting.

Do you think the Bpiri district can be famous?

YES! If your answer is that capital letter, you are absolutely right. In this digital era, everything is possible. In fact, the authorities have issued some policies in an effort to make this district famous in Papua, or in Indonesia, and even the world, just like the popular Raja Ampat. 

This district offers many things for everyone with different backgrounds and interests. There are many tourist destinations and other cultural attractions that people can enjoy. This would create such a mutual connection for both the district and the visitors as they would get benefits from it.

What’s the most promising village in the Bpiri district?

Of 7 villages in the Bpiri district, Walakma village would be the most promising village to develop. One of the reasons is that this village has many things to offer. The Jayawijaya regency government has come to a decision that they would make this village one of the digital villages in Papua. This means the government would make some preparations to make this plan real. 

One of them is making some improvements in some parts of the village so that it would become more attractive. Walakma village has some great places to develop, including a mystical cave, waterfall, passion fruit, and coffee farm. This village is planned to become a tourist destination and a digital village with all its potential.

Tourism and digital village, why not?

As stated previously, Walakma village is a perfect option for the Bpiri district to develop. The authority in Jayawijaya has performed some surveys of this village, and they think this would be a very good idea to make improvements in this village. And the improvement that they want to make is that develop this village as tourism and digital village. 

It is expected that this village can become the pioneer in the development of tourism and digital village in Papua. This means there are some important things to complete to reach this goal. According to the authority there, this needs the work from many sectors, including the authorities from the communication and tourism sectors. 

What to do to make this real?

The first thing that the government would do is improve the internet connection in that village. This is important to support communication in the village as now it has a limited connection. This will be performed by the communication and information sector. With a good internet connection, this village will be easier to connect to the world. This is the main purpose of making this village become a digital village. 

Furthermore, the tourism sectors will deal with the infrastructure like the road access to this village and the accommodation like building cottages or inns for people who will visit this village. Such access roads and accommodation facilities will make this village more accessible so that more people will come. 

All potential that Walakma village has, like becoming a digital village, will be spread via online media. It is an effective way to spread the news to the world. If this plan comes true, surely the Bpiri district will get the benefits, and the quality of life of people there will also increase. This is a great thing for the future of the regency, especially the province and the country generally.

In fact, it is only the beginning to make Walakma becomes a tourist destination and a digital village. The government is planning to create many other digital and tourism villages in Papua and West Papua. In this way, the tourism potential in those villages would be exposed, and more people will come to this beautiful village in this beautiful Jayawijaya regency. This is done to reach one purpose, a better life for the people.