4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park

Reasons Why You Should Visit Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park

Sorong is one of the most developed metropolitan cities in the land of Papua. However, who would have thought Sorong City also has charming and beautiful nature? Locals call that place Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park. It is no less beautiful than other places.

In addition, the entry fee to Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park is so cheap. You only need to pay around Rp5.000 for kids and Rp10.000 for adults. Besides, the location is also easy to access. Aside from those reasons, here are why you should visit the Mangrove Tourism Park in Sorong City!

1. To Enjoy Nature Tourism

Entry fee to Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park

One of the reasons why you should visit the Mangrove Tourism Park in Sorong is to enjoy nature. Even though this place is located in the center of the city, nature is still beautiful. This is probably why most people recommend this place as one of the best tourist attractions in Sorong.

Like its name, this park is an ecosystem and natural habitat of the mangroves. It is probably the first park in Papua from the mangrove forest. So, besides walking in the park and breathing the fresh air, you can also learn about mangroves.

You can see how amazing the mangrove forest is from Menara Pandang. The literal meaning of Menara Pandang is View Town. If you love bicycles, you could cycle around the Sorong mangrove forest.

Then, you can also take a boat and see the beauty of the mangrove trees up close. If you want to, you can also walk along the coast. You could find various types of birds and otters if you are lucky. It is the best experience you could feel while visiting Sorong City.

2. To Enjoy Photos Tourism

Sorong mangrove forest

Aside from nature tourism, you could also visit Mangrove Tourism Park in Sorong to take photos. It is because there are various gorgeous photo spots here. From the rainbow bridge, and rainbow houses, to a pair of Cendrawasih birds. It will look good on your Instagram feed, for sure.

Then, you could also take photos as memories and keepsakes. Besides the three photo spots above, you could also take photos in Menara Pandang. A photo with a mangrove forest in the background is a good idea.

3. To Enjoy Culinary Tourism

West Papuan specialty foods

After walking around, cycling around, or even taking a boat, you must feel hungry. But, you do not have to worry because you can find many West Papuan specialty foods here. From telang flower tea, noken, and palm salt, to sago chips. All these foods are ready to fill your stomach.

You can visit the food stalls at the location before you go home. There are many foods available, from heavy meals to snacks. Besides eating on the spot, you can also buy some snacks as a souvenir for your family or friends. It is something you should never forget.

4. To Enjoy Shopping Tourism

To Enjoy Shopping Tourism - Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park

Aside from food, you can not forget to shop for other souvenirs as well. There are so many handicrafts that locals make. They have beautiful looks, but most of these souvenirs are also very useful. You can bring it home as unique souvenirs from Sorong.

You can find them all here, starting from the crafts from sago leaf midribs and other handicrafts, whether in the form of a tissue holder, a flower vase, or even something just for a display. Aside from having a keepsake, you can also help the locals’ economies by shopping here.

So, those are the reasons why you should visit the Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park. You literally can get everything here from nature tourism, photos tourism, culinary tourism, and also shopping tourism.

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