Sorong Special Food That Blow Your Mind

Sorong Special Food

The city of Sorong is the entry and exit point for West Papua Province. Potential natural resources make Sorong a worthy tourist destination to be reckoned with. In addition, Sorong special food is one of the main attractions for tourists.

Sorong cuisine is famous for its delicacy. Even when going to Raja Ampat, you will pass through the city of Sorong first. Make sure you taste the good food in Sorong too.

6 Special Foods of Sorong

Each region must have its typical food. Likewise, the city of Sorong is rich in its special food. Most domestic and foreign tourists visit a tourist attraction in Sorong and also hunt for Sorong’s special culinary delights.

The following is a list of 6 typical Sorong foods you can try when traveling in Sorong, West Papua.

1. Papeda


Papeda is a food like porridge made from sago. Sago is indeed a staple food for the people of eastern Indonesia, including Papua. Therefore, papeda must be on the Sorong special food list.

You will find Papeda in various restaurants in Sorong. Usually, papeda will be served with fish in yellow sauce as a complement. The taste is so appetizing between sour and spicy blend.

2. Seafood of the Berlin Wall


The Berlin Wall is the name of the location where the seafood is sold in Sorong. Tourists can choose from various kinds of fresh seafood and fish directly.

Then you can enjoy seafood and fish barbecued with delicious spices. Besides eating dishes, you can also enjoy the sunset at dusk.

3. Cheating Shrimp

Cheating Shrimp

Cheating shrimp is a dish that must be tasted by tourists visiting Sorong. This is because the taste of this cheating shrimp is very delicious. Cheating shrimp is an affair between shrimp, crabs, and lobsters. No wonder it was given such a name.

Cheating prawns are usually prepared by boiling, frying, or deep-frying, then eating them with Sorong’s signature chili sauce.

4. Taro Chips

Taro Chips good food in sorong

If you intend to bring souvenirs typical of Sorong, taro chips can be the choice. These taro chips will be easily found in Sorong souvenir shops. Almost every shop has these chips. This is a favorite snack of the people of Sorong itself.

These chips are made from taro cut into thin, round, or small long shapes. There are various flavors, such as spicy, original, sweet, spicy, and so on.

5. Abon Rolls

Abon Rolls

Abon rolls is a rolled abon stuffed bread. Maybe it looks the same as other sandwiches, except that abon rolls from Sorong have their own characteristics. Its large shape is up to 10 cm in diameter. The filling also pops out from both sides.

Another sensation from abon rolls in Sorong is the cheese and chocolate variations, mixed with abon. It is a new taste that you have never tried. In addition, this abon rolls has a short expiration date, so it must be eaten immediately.

6. Lontar Cake

Lontar Cake

Sorong’s signature Lontar cake is a pie made from a mixture of sweetened condensed milk, margarine, and eggs. There is no element of palm leaves at all. There are various choices of toppings and flavors. In addition, there are also mini and large shapes as desired.

Sorong women usually make this cake. Sorong is known for its women who are experts in making cakes.

Those were the recommendations for Sorong special food you can try when visiting Sorong. Make sure you try culinary in Sorong to get to know that Papua is rich in taste.