Sustainable Forestry Practices Objectives in West Papua

sustainable forestry practices

Sustainable forestry practices in West Papua provide great benefits for the people there.

These benefits can affect all aspects of life, such as the ecological function of forests, the socio-cultural functions of forests, and also forest production, all of which have a positive impact on society.

Sustainable Forestry Practices Objectives

The government is trying to continuously provide opportunities for the community to cooperate in this sustainable forest management project.

Considering that Papua’s forests are the only hope for Indonesia as a producer of oxygen and preventing climate change. Then, what is the real purpose of this activity?

1. Realizing the Maximum Prosperity and Welfare of the Community

The first goal of sustainable forestry is to realize the prosperity and well-being of the community.

The trick is to meet their needs related to food, clothing, and so on. In addition, they get most of their needs from the forest in West Papua.

With the existence of sustainable forests, people no longer need to be confused looking for water because the area for water absorption is also getting wider.

Not only that, this program helps prevent disasters that can endanger people’s lives and ecosystems in the forest.

2. Realizing Increased Economic and Socio-Cultural Capacity

Forests can not only help prevent climate change in the world, but forests in West Papua play an important role in the economic and socio-cultural aspects of the people there.

The life of the Papuan people is still steeped in tradition, so they only get food from nature, especially the forest.

In addition, the forest is also a place for them to live as tribes. Considering that there are several West Papuan tribes who still inhabit Papua’s forests to continue their lives.

With this sustainable forest management, it certainly gives great hope that culture is maintained.

3. Creating Jobs

The government maximizes forest products, such as fruits to be trade and helps the Papuan people’s economy.

With this program, the government indirectly opens new jobs for indigenous Papuans to participate in maintaining the existence of forests and their natural products.

Thus, the increase in the standard of living in Papua will also be better.

In addition, the poverty rate which is often a concern can be resolve, so that Papua province can be on par with other provinces in Indonesia.

4. Ensure Sustainability and Ecological Balance

The next goal of sustainable forestry is to ensure the sustainability and ecological balance in the forest.

So far, the government is notorious for only extracting Papua’s natural resources without providing solutions to overcome them. Therefore, this program is very important.

The government and the community both maintain the existence of the ecosystem in the forest so that it is maintain even though they live together with humans.

Thus, it is hope that environmental pollution due to tree felling and the destruction of animal habitats in the forest can be avoide and eliminate.

That was information related to sustainable forestry practices objectives in West Papua.

Hopefully the above article can provide a broad understanding and description to the reader regarding the topic of discussion.