All The Things You Can Do in Tapurarang Archaeological Site

All The Things You Can Do in Tapurarang Archaeological Site

When you come to Fakfak Regency, it is kind of incomplete if you do not visit Tapurarang Archaeological Site. Especially for those of you who love things that come from ancient times, to be distinct prehistoric era. This is because you can literally find various things that will amaze you here.

Located in the Kokas District, this site is indeed a little far for you to reach. If you come from downtown Fakfak, you need at least 4 hours to get to the site. However, the long journey will definitely be worth it once you visit Tapurarang. This place became one of the best attractions in Fakfak for a reason.

Then, what can you do once you arrive at Tapurarang Site? Here are the lists that you need to know!

Seeing the Beauty of Prehistoric Paintings

prehistoric paintings in West Papua

One of the main reasons why people visit the Tapurarang Site is because of its prehistoric paintings. It is probably one of the most beautiful prehistoric paintings in West Papua.

The painting depicts the life of the ancestors of the Fakfak people in the past. You can find it on rock walls in cliffs and caves.

There are many forms of images that you can see, from humans, and animals, to traditional weapons. However, one of the most popular is the painting of multiple hands. For the color, there are only two colors that are used for painting. Those two colors are red and yellow.

Because of the color red, many local citizens believe in the folklore of the Tapurarang Archaeological Site. The painting is painted with blood from people who an old lady curses. She was hurt because when she was about to drown and asked for help, no one helped her.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many local people consider this place sacred. However, they rarely talk about this folklore to the tourists because they believe it will bring bad luck.

Seeing Skeletons from the Ancient Times

he folklore of the Tapurarang Archaeological Site

Besides prehistoric paintings, you could also see many human skeletons in this place. The thing that caused it was the traditions of the native tribes of Fakfak in the past. In those days, they put their deceased relatives in sacred places. So, up until now, you can still find them in several places on the Tapurarang Site.

However, you have to remember that locals do not allow you to touch or change the structure of the skeleton. It is to respect the decisions and beliefs of their ancestors. Locals consider this place sacred for a reason.

This place is perfect for those who love archeology and the prehistoric era. Because by coming to the Tapurarang Site, you can find traces of how the indigenous people of Fakfak lived in ancient times. Besides tourists, many researchers also come to this site.

Seeing Multiple Types of Beautiful Birds

tourist attractions in West Papua

If you are a bird lover, then Papua’s land is heaven for you. You can see many beautiful birds everywhere, including at the Tapurarang Site. So, besides people who are interested in archaeological sites, many bird lovers come here.

Most of the birds that exist here are human-friendly, though. They literally will not be afraid of you. So you can freely interact with them when you meet them at this site.

This is why the Tapurarang Site is one of the tourist attractions in West Papua that you must visit. This place can give you various things, from useful knowledge about all the things related to archeology to the beauty of nature.

So, even though there is a long journey waiting for you, the Tapurarang Archaeological Site is definitely worth a visit. Especially for those of you archeology lovers and bird lovers.