The Beauty Of Matan Island, A Hidden Gem In West Papua

Matan Island is an uninhabited area in Raja Ampat with charming beauty. The size of this island is relatively small, only spanning an area of ​​5000 meters. However, Matan island has the uniqueness of beauty to attract visitors. There are many supreme natural charms. As a result, this island is a hidden gem in West Papua. Here is some information about the island.

Attractions in Matan Island

1. Charming Island Landscape

There are many coconut trees on the land, which have an area of ​​less than 1 hectare. Most of the trees root above the ground and on the sandy beach. In addition, you can feel the very fine sand texture when you step on the beach. Not to mention the sunlight that bounces off during the day. It provides a great view while being around the coast.

When you approach the beach, the calm waves are one of the attractions you can find. In addition, a gentle wind blows to enhance the atmosphere when you are near the beach. Not only that but you will be fascinated by the charming landscape when you are on the coastline of Matan Island. As a result, it provides an amazing view while in Raja Ampat.

2. Calm Atmosphere

If you want to escape from your daily life, Matan island is the best place you need to visit. The atmosphere far from the crowds provides peace while visiting West Papua. You can calm yourself down while healing from busy work activities. This island is the best location if you want to get a beautiful environment since it is uninhabited.

3. Sunset and Sunrise

Another beauty that you can see while on Matan Island is the charm of Sunset and Sunrise. You can see the beautiful scenery at that time. Please stay on the island until the afternoon if you want to get a sunset view. Meanwhile, if you want to see the charm of the sunrise, staying on the island by camping is the best way you can do it.

How to Get to Matan Island

Matan Island is located on the west side of Sorong City with a distance of 8 miles. Actually, the location of this island is still administratively included in the area of ​​the Salawati Islands group, Raja Ampat Regency. Even so, it will be easier if you are relatively fast if you depart from Sorong City. You can rent a small boat or speed boat to Doom Island.

After that, you can take a ride to the Sar Doom Harbor Pier. If taken from the port, it will take you at least 40 minutes to two hours to arrive at your destination. Everything depends on the intensity of the waves in the sea in West Papua. If the waves are big, you need to wait sometime until it calms down a bit for safety.

Best Activities at Matan Island

1. Fishing

One of the activities you can do is fishing. There are many best spots on this side of the island to catch fish. But if you have trouble, try fishing at the Matan Island pier. Alternatively, you can get fish from local fishers who hunt around the island. As a result, you can try an exciting experience with fishing.

2. Sunbathing on the Beach

You can lie on the beach to enjoy the sun and the beach’s soft sand. The fine grains of sand and the well-maintained environment provide a special sensation while on vacation on Matan Island. The more exciting the atmosphere of the island is still quiet and calm. It makes the sensation like on a private island. Thus, sunbathing activities are the best option on the island.

3. Swim

Suppose you want to know how the freshness of Matan island beach, you can try to swim on this island. You can play in the clear water and clean beaches. To support the activity in West Papua, don’t forget to bring swimming equipment from home. But if you are used to seawater, you can immediately plunge into the calm and clear seawater.

4. Exploring the Island Area

Another alternative activity that you can do is explore the island area. You can’t just miss the beautiful scenery on Matan island when you are at this location. There are many best views to see the charming beauty of the island. Because the island is small, this activity can be done in less than an hour for exploration.

5. Photography

You can capture the beauty of Matan Island with a camera. If you like photography, Matan Island is the best location to get the best spot. Starting from the unique natural landscape, white sand beaches and blue sea water can fill the content on your camera. Also, you can take pictures around the beach with a beautiful sea as a memory of coming to West Papua.

All in all, Matan Island is a small representation of the beauty of Raja Ampat, Papua. The difficulty of access to the island is one of the signs if this tour is a hidden paradise. After wandering for some time, you can closely see Matan Island’s beauty. Plus, you can get an unforgettable experience while in this area.