The Best Beaches and Dive Sites in West Papua: A Travel Guide

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If you are looking for breathtaking beaches suitable for diving or snorkeling, West Papua presents many gorgeous options.

Divers or non-divers will enjoy a special experience and save special moments on the amazing West Papua beaches.

Some are even claimed as one of the best snorkeling and diving location in the world. Ready to taste the paradise earth and put your feet on sandy beaches?

Best West Papua Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Activities

We present six magical beaches in West Papua:

1. Pasir Timbul Beach

There’s something unique about Pasir Timbul Beach. When the tide is low, you can see a tiny island with soft and beautiful white sand.

There is no grass or trees on this island, just a magical white sand island around 200 meters with bluish-green water surrounding it.

Besides playing in the water and enjoying the pretty view, you can also enjoy snorkeling and diving. This beach is located on Koh Island.

Pasir Timbul is a perfect place for kids because the water is shallow and the sea is calm. You don’t have to worry about big waves.

2. Tanjung Kasuari Beach

It is called Tanjung Kasuari because this beach is in Sorong, which juts into the sea of West Papua’s north part.

Tanjung Kasuari Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Sorong. Locals spend their holidays or weekends with family or friends on this beach.

Tanjung Kasuari Beach is near the downtown. You can reach it by motorcycle in only 30 minutes.

Shady coconut trees line up along the beach. There are also stunning rock mounds that are perfect for photo spots.

3. Lao Lao, Raja Ampat

Lao Lao is in Raja Ampat, West Papua. It is a discovery dive site and one of the best diving spots.

For those looking for diving experience, Lao Lao will amaze you with groups of pinnacles and coral bommies, tons of vividly colored schooling fish, and numerous batfish.

However, you can’t dive for too long because Lao Lao is pretty deep. Still, the short experience is enough to make a lifetime memory.

4. Manta Ridge, Raja Ampat

Another favorite diving site in Raja Ampat is Manta Ridge. Manta Ridge is undoubtedly one of the best dive sites in Raja Ampat.

Manta Ridge offers you an intimate encounter with a manta from November until January.

The visibility is excellent for divers. You will be left speechless as you swim by black manta with their big flapping wings.

However, only experienced divers are allowed to dive due to the current rips across the reef.

5. Bakaro Beach

Another must-visit beach in West Papua is Bakaro Beach. This beach is located in Manokwari.

Once you step into Bakaro Beach, your eyes will be spoiled with the breathtaking clear blue sea, gorgeous white sands, and calming green hills.

Bakaro Beach is also famous for its amazing marine life. Locals here have a unique tradition called “calling fish tradition.”

You can see locals conduct the tradition in the late afternoon by blowing a whistle made of clam. Then, others will spread fish food to the sea. The fish food they use is in the form of ant nests.

6. Yen Beba Beach

Besides Bakara Beach, Manokwari has another jaw-dropping beach called Yen Beba Beach.

This beach is located near Mansinam Island. Therefore, you can see Mansiman Island directly from Yen Beba Beach.

Not only offering a magnificent view of clear greenish water, white sand, and cliffs, Yen Beba beach also has various local culinary that can be bought at affordable prices.

Visitors can swim and snorkel here. This beach is home to many varieties of flora and fauna.

Those are the six most beautiful and must-visit beaches in West Papua. Most beaches in West Papua are unspoiled.

While you are in West Papua, enjoy other tourist attractions, such as Natural Park, waterfalls, and mountains.