The Conservation Province Charms- West Papua As An Epicentre Of Biodiversity

The Conservation Province Charms- West Papua As An Epicentre Of Biodiversity

During the peak of natural concern and world exposure, in 2015 a Conservation province has surfacing in the world. It was West Papua that has a large number of charms to offer inside its natural conservation project. Starting from the water, land, to mountains, the province has turned into one of the known epicenters of biodiversity.

What You Can Find In The Province

1. Biodiversity in flora and fauna

The name of hidden paradise best explains the charm of biodiversity of the conservation province. The water population and live harbor hundreds and thousands of biodiversity. The 600 hard corals and 1.700 fishes’ types can cover almost 75 percent of all described world species. But it is not only the marine life but also the land.

The overgrown forest, mangrove, and lush green lands are the home of diverse lives. The buzzing chattering insects, mammals, and birds. The land house a staggering number of 80 snakes with six of them being venomous species.  There are also tons of interesting animals in west Papua or Papua New guinea.

As the forest is also home to exotic animals, it also houses some engineered animals. The new grazing grounds decrease the population. Thus, it turns into a conservation province to house some endangered fauna, such as giant bandicoot, black-spotted cuscus, tree kangaroos, New Guinea Big-eared Bat, and Northern glider.

2. Mangrove forest

One reason why the province can cover species diversity is the humongous mangrove forest. The powerful tress has been a margin between the sea and land. But it also serves as a liver that filters impurities on the water and carbon from the air. The root crown is also a house of juvenile fish that also helps dissolve the force of immediate threat to the reef.

3. Largest rainforestWEST PAPUA BECOMES WORLD'S FIRST CONSERVATION PROVINCE | Stories | The  Coral Triangle

As the mangrove is the house of marine life, the large west Papua rainforest is the house of thousands of species of plants. The impenetrable tangle and solid grounding are the houses of overlapping hundreds of bird species.  There are around 300 species of island endemic birds, such as golden Cuckoo-shrike, golden monarch, and many more.

4. Ancient culture and custom

While the fauna and flora are flaring up in the province, the endemic people are also one of the most memorable aspects to date. The ancient wisdom and tradition of the remote village have been dominant for many years. The varied cultures from the ancient and remote ethnic groups have more than a thousand years of inheritance.

Thus, you can find the strong impact of the traditional custom and culture in the West Papua conservation method. Some of them still pay attention and are completely dependent on the ecosystem. Along with community help, native custom, tradition, and modern religion, the province has been striving with its biodiversity conservation programs.

As a place that holds up strong ancient wisdom, far from the buzzing city, and civilization, the province deserves its name. The conservation province explains how mother nature that is still intact is the home of diverse life. Amazing lush forests, mangroves, flora, fauna, culture, and customs are kept intact in this province.