The Delicious Flavors of West Papua Traditional Cuisine

west papua

West Papua is located at the western tip of Papua Island, with Manokwari as its capital city. West Papua is widely known for its astounding and heart-stopping natural beauty.

Yet, it’s not all West Papua has. This province also has a variety of culinary delights.  Below are nine West Papuan culinary, absolutely finger-licking!

List of Delicious Culinary Food in West Papua

1. Papeda

Papeda has become one of the West Papuan traditional foods popular in many provinces in Indonesia.

This culinary is made from sago, and the texture is similar to porridge, but only a bit thicker and stickier. The taste of Papeda itself is relatively bland with a slight savory taste.

2. Keladi Tumbuk

Keladi tumbuk is high-carbohydrate food. This Papuan dish is made of taro. First, the taro is boiled.

Once it is cooked, locals pound the taro with sugar, butter, and steamed grated coconut. Keladi tumbuk has a smooth texture and is tasteless.

3. Sorong Floss Roll

Sorong Floss Roll has the same shape as a common floss roll. However, Sorong floss roll has a large or extremely long size. You can easily find Sorong floss roll with a diameter of 10 meters.

The floss choices are varied, like chopped leek, chicken, beef, minced meat, and tuna. You can also find floss rolls with milk, cheese, or chocolate stuffing.

4. The Lontar Cake

Aside from Bali, West Papua also has its own milk pie called the lontar cake. However, compared to the famous Bali pie cake, this Papuan pie is much bigger.

This cake is very soft once it reaches your tongue. The taste is sweet, and the edge is tougher. The lontar cake is made of flour, margarine, milk, and vanilla.

5. Colo Colo Chilli

If you are a fan of spicy culinary food, you must try this Papuan chili sauce. Colo colo chili is spicy and sour. The sour taste comes from lime juice.

Besides using lime juice, this spicy sauce consists of chilies, onions, and tomatoes. People in Papua enjoy Colo colo chili with grilled fish and warm rice.

6. The Cheating Shrimp

This dish has a unique and funny name. The cheating shrimp is named like this because the shrimp is huge. Instead of looking like a shrimp, this shrimp is more like a crab or lobster.

This shrimp even has claws. That is why locals thought this shrimp was cheating with crabs or lobster. As for the taste itself, cheating shrimp is very mouthwatering. It is both soft and sweet.

7. The Sago Caterpillar Satay

Some people may shiver when they see this satay. While regular satay uses chicken or meat, sago caterpillar satay is made of sago caterpillar.

Locals call these worms “koo.” Koo can be found in many sago trees. People of Sorong love this dish. It has a unique flavor and very high protein.

8. Manokwari Grilled Fish

One of the most outstanding things about West Papua is its rich marine life. Therefore, never miss a chance to try Manokwari grilled fish. The fish used in this dish is tuna.

What makes this platter so special lies in its seasoning. Papuan use ground chili sauce and other savory spices. It tastes rich and spicy.

9. Aunuve Habre

The last recommendation for you is Aunuve Habre. This traditional Papuan food is made of rice and anchovies mixed with sliced taro leaves.

Although it seems crusty, it’s not. People in West Papua enjoy Aunuve Habre, Papeda, and taro leaf slices. The mixture creates a savory and slightly spicy taste.

Those are nine of West Papua’s best traditional food you must try once you visit the Island. Of the nine dishes above, which one do you wish to try first?