The Educational Development in West Papua Through Their Own TVRI Station

West Papua

The 92nd of the Youth Pledge Day (Sumpah Pemuda), 28 October 2020, marked history for educational development in West Papua. President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo launched a TVRI (Televisi Republik Indonesia) station there. For the first time, this province would have the state-owned television channel and station.

With that, this TVRI is the 30th station that they have launched in Indonesia. President Jokowi stated that this inauguration was part of the government’s seriousness and also commitment regarding unity and equal access to information. With that being realized, then the educational development in the province will also be improved.

As the 30th TVRI station in this country, Jokowi also said that everyone from Sabang to Merauke could access this channel. Not only quality, valuable information, it is hoped that TVRI will also provide educational entertainment to its viewers. Because of this, Indonesians get to catch up with anything that goes on around the country.

Why TVRI Station for West Papua Was Inaugurated on The Youth Pledge Day

West Papua

The day was chosen not by random. President Jokowi reminded that The Youth Pledge Day brought positive and unifying energy among the youngsters of Indonesia. Since Indonesia consists of people from many races, tribes, and religions, it is best to keep the spirit of the Youth Pledge alive.

These days, there have been a lot of accusations regarding the situation in West Papua. With the existence of this TVRI station in this province, hopefully, all will be cleared. The information regarding the situation there will be as transparent as possible.

In other words, all Indonesians must make the efforts to maintain the unity brought by the Youth Pledge. Just like what President Jokowi had said: “There is only Indonesia.” All races from Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, East Nusa Tenggara, until West Papua are part of Indonesia.

The Benefits of Having a TVRI Station in West Papua

West Papua

Of course, the existence of TVRI will improve educational development in this province. The children will not only receive education from school. They will also gain more valuable information from the good quality shows on TVRI at home.

There are other benefits of having a TVRI Station in this province, which are:

  • TVRI as the media to unite the nation

As mentioned earlier, TVRI for this province was inaugurated during the Youth Pledge Day for a reason. As the state-owned media, TVRI can work to unite the nation. This will show just how committed the Indonesian government is in improving equal access to quality information to all Indonesians, not just in Java Island.

TVRI will work together with other TVRI stations that are already in other regions, such as Java, Sumatra, and many more. They will exchange and share information regarding what goes on in each of their respective areas.

  • Indonesians can learn more about each other, despite their differences

Since President Jokowi had stated that there would be equal access to good quality information from Sabang to Merauke, this is good news for Indonesia—especially West Papua. Indonesians can learn more about each other, despite their differences. Hopefully, there will not be an accusation that Indonesia is still “Java-centric”.

With TVRI in this province, more cultures that are part of Indonesia will be largely and widely promoted. For example, people in this province can learn more about life in other parts of Indonesia, like in Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, East Nusa Tenggara, and many more. It is also the same case with other regions learning more about what goes on in the province.

In other words, no media blackout.

  • TVRI may open job vacancies for the locals

This is another great possibility to be considered. As a television station owned by the state, TVRI may open job vacancies for the locals. Of course, this should not just go like that. First, the locals who are interested in working for the TV station will have to do proper training. This can be done in universities or local courses.

As part of the educational development in West Papua, local schools can also have an extracurricular activity related to media learning. That way, TVRI will have local crews with the firsthand knowledge about what goes on in the province. 

They can also work on getting the TVRI broadcast streaming live online too if possible. After all, this is the digital era. Watching TV is not the only source of information that anyone can get. The Papuans and the West Papuans should have the same opportunity too.


The inauguration of the TVRI station based in West Papua should be celebrated. This is another effort for the educational development in this province. Everyone there will have more options in terms of good quality information and entertainment. After all, plenty of areas in this province have already received electricity.

After this, who knows? There is still more room for an improvement in educational development in this province. When there is a will, there is a way.