The Government Ready To Strengthen Humanistic Approach In West Papua

Policy in West Papua continues to experience significant improvements. This aims to build Papua to be more advanced. That’s why the MPR (People’s Consultative Assembly) agreed to take a humanistic approach. The policy helps develop Papua by prioritizing national emotions. Read on for the following information for a more detailed explanation.

Humanistic Approach Policy

The MPR and government officeholders coordinate to support the humanistic approach in Papua.  It is a significant step to advance Papua significantly. Through the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, the central government has established the Papua MPR Communications and Aspirations Forum as a strategic partner. The program aims to build a better Papua.

This policy will implement national emotional humanity. Through the Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR), Bambang Soesatyo, and the coordinating minister for Politics, Law, and Security Mahfud MD, both agreed to prepare a policy of humanistic approach in the eastern part of Indonesia. In the meeting, this became the primary basis for advancing West Papua.

This policy refers to the involvement of Papuan social figures to improve the situation in the two easternmost provinces of Indonesia. The central government makes the Papua MPR Communications and Aspirations Forum its leading strategic partner. The trick is to put forward a national, emotional, humanistic approach to development in Papua.

The Government’s Role for Humanities Approach in Papua

The MPR Papua has 21 members from the electoral districts of Papua. This number consists of four People’s Representative Council (DPR) from the Papuan constituency. Then, four members of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD), ten members of the DPR from Papua, and three members of the DPR from the western part of Papua.

In this case, the forum is one of the right ways to bridge progress in Papua. It is also helpful in supporting to socialize the work program of the central government to the people in Papua as a whole. The roles of the central government and local governments are crucial to Papua’s success. It is essential to get optimal results in a development in West Papua province.

In addition to the support of the general chairman, political party cadres also play an essential role in this role. It is because political parties have complete cadres up to the village, RW, and RT levels. That is why the humanistic approach program can strengthen the national network in Papua. In other words, every effort is made by the government in order to advance Papua for the better.

The government has also prepared various legal instruments to advance Papua. The legal instruments include Law no. 2 / / 2021 regarding the Second Amendment to Regulation number 21 of 2001 involving Special Autonomy for the Papua Province. In addition, there is also a policy of Presidential Instruction (Inpres) Number / 9 / 2020 about the Acceleration of Welfare Development in Papua.

Another instrument supporting Papua’s progress is Presidential Decree Number 20 of 2020. It explains the Integrated Coordination Team for the Acceleration of Welfare Development in the two Papua provinces. Given the many supporting instruments, it’s time for the government to maximize its implementation correctly and accurately.

Welfare Development in West Papua must lead to the transformation of special autonomy. This plan focuses on five acceleration frameworks – accelerating the development of superior and innovative human resources, accelerating essential infrastructure development, accelerating change and economic development, and accelerating bureaucratic reform.

The implementation of this program will focus on the spirit of siding with indigenous Papuans. By implementing strategic steps, development can be maximized. Papua, which was initially still experiencing developmental backwardness, achieved prosperity. As a result, this creates an advanced, prosperous, peaceful, and dignified Papuan society.

Benefits of Implementing New Policies

The government is trying to take a more humanistic approach to solve problems and conflicts in Papua. This is the primary step for the government – ​​especially the central government to take a humanist approach that promotes dialogue. This method will provide a new perspective on future leaders and people in Papua.

The government will react when conflict events occur and prevent various things with new policies. Meanwhile, the humanistic approach provides new sights to leaders in Papua. Through all elements of government (central, regional representatives, and community representatives), decisive steps are the main focus of the humanistic approach.

That’s why the MPR for Papua has complete members from all levels of government representatives. All associates come from Papua, which consists of the MPR, DPR, and DPD. The forum will be appropriate to help socialize various Papuan work programs. As a result, it will optimally support various government efforts of local people in the Provinces of Papua and West Papua.

All in all, the humanistic approach is an effort by the government to improve welfare in Papua. That’s why the whole community has an important role, from the central government to local governments. In addition, this step also needs support from the general chairman and political party leaders to strengthen the national net in Papua. Various legal instruments are ready to advance Papua.