Trace of The History of The Islamic Empire in Papua

The history of the Islamic

Islam is one of the religions that spread quickly in the archipelago of Nusantara. One of the most prominent pieces of evidence is the presence of many Islamic empires here. It is included on the island of Papua. Then, what is the history of the Islamic empire in Papua?

When it became the majority religion for the people of Indonesia, there were not too many Muslims in Papua. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many people want to know about it. Is there an Islamic empire in Papua? The Islamic kingdom in Papua exists. To be precise, in West Papua.

So, here is the history of kingdoms in West Papua that existed, especially the Islamic empire!

The Influence of The Islamic Empires in Maluku

The Influence of The Islamic Empires in Maluku - The history of the Islamic

One of the factors that influenced Islamization in the land of Papua was the Islamic empire in Maluku. At least three kingdoms introduce the Papuans to Islam. It is the Kingdom of Tidore, Ternate, and also Bacan that made Islam enter West Papua.

At first, the relationship between Maluku and West Papua was traded. But over time, there was cultural acculturation between the two of them. This happens because there are many marriages. It is between the native tribes of Maluku and West Papua.

Then, the relationship between the Malukus and the West Papuans also extends to politics. Bacan Kingdom, Ternate Kingdom, and the Tidore Kingdom began expanding their territory to West Papua. Especially in the archipelago of Raja Ampat, Fakfak, and Kaimana.

The History of The Petuanan

The History of The Petuanan

After the expansion of the territory, the existence of Islamic kingdoms in West Papua began to appear. There are at least nine kingdoms in Onin Peninsula (now Fakfak) and Kaimana area. The local citizens also know them as the Petuanan. It is one of the traces of Islam in West Papua.

Petuanan is an alliance of several Islamic kingdoms in West Papua. It is formed from the various native tribes that live there. This tribal system is still clearly visible in the government system of the kingdom. It is because they still use customary law.

These kingdoms in Petuanan are under the rule of the Tidore Kingdom. However, each kingdom has special autonomy with different cultures. The kings are tasked with collecting tribute for the Tidore Kingdom. They also oversee the trades.

There are several Islamic kingdoms in Fakfak which belong to the Petuanan. They are Fatagar, Ati-Ati, and also the Rumbati Kingdom. In comparison, the Islamic kingdoms in Kaimana are Namatota, Komisi, Pattipi, Sekar, Wetuar, and the Arguni Kingdom.

Islamic Empires in The Archipelago of Raja Ampat

Islamic Empires in The Archipelago of Raja Ampat

Aside from Onin Peninsula and Kaimana, there are Islamic kingdoms in Raja Ampat. It turns out that Raja Ampat is one of the centers of Islamization development in West Papua. The Islamization in Raja Ampat cannot be separated from the influence of the Bacan Kingdom.

Besides the Bacan Kingdom, the Islamic empires in the archipelago of Raja Ampat are also close to Ternate and Tidore. There are at least four Islamic empires that exist in Raja Ampat. Each kingdom also has a different culture and tradition. It differs them from each other.

There are the kingdoms of Waigeo, Salawati, Misool, and also Batanta. The four kingdoms are located on different islands. However, they all get a fairly strong influence from the Islamic kingdoms in Maluku.

Final Words

Even though Islam is a minority religion, traces of Islamization exist in some areas of West Papua. These areas are Fakfak, Kaimana, and also Raja Ampat. The proof is the existence of various Islamic empires in the region.

The history of the Islamic empire in Papua is fascinating. There are at least 13 Islamic empires that exist in West Papua. These kingdoms have got a strong influence on the Islamic kingdoms in Maluku. Such as Tidore, Ternate, and Bacan.