Get to Know about The Importance of Mangrove in West Papua

the importance of mangrove in West Papua

The Importance of Mangrove in West Papua – As you know, Indonesia is an archipelagic country in which almost every island is adjacent to the coast, such as in Papua.

Therefore, to prevent abrasion from occurring, it is important for the community and the government to plant mangroves in coastal areas, given the importance of mangrove in West Papua.

The Importance of Mangrove in West Papua

Mangroves in West Papua not only function as tools to prevent abrasion and erosion in coastal areas, but these trees also play an important role in helping to keep the climate stable.

Therefore, the government must be able to provide counseling to the public regarding this important matter.

1. Prevent Climate Change

Emissions of greenhouse gasses are to blame for the ongoing rise in Earth’s temperature. The temperature of the Earth is dangerously rising.

Indonesia would lose thousands of islands if global temperatures rise by just 2 degrees Celsius.

The globe is becoming denser in the meantime. Since there are currently 7 billion people on earth, more natural resources are being used.

In West Papua, one of the most exotic islands in the archipelago, mangroves are said to store carbon in larger quantities than tropical rain forests.

At the surface, the carbon storage in mangrove sediments is higher. The huge carbon stock suggests that West Papua will play a significant role in reducing emissions that cause climate change.

2. Improving the Fishery Field

The next role of mangroves is to maintain the mangrove ecosystem.

West Papua’s mangrove ecosystem is important to support the sustainability of other marine animals that are fishery commodities, such as mangrove crabs.

If you look at the food chain, a well-maintained mangrove system will help the survival of fish such as tuna.

With keeping West Papua’s mangroves functioning properly thereby also helping to maintain fish stocks for the world’s protein needs.

In addition, this also has an impact on economic benefits for both the local community and the country.

3. Preventing Abrasion

Coastal abrasion in coastal areas can submerge community settlements in the vicinity.

If this continues to happen, it is highly likely that one settlement will disappear and the expansion of the coastal area will become larger, thereby indirectly endangering the community.

With mangroves, people can avoid abrasion. This planting must be carry out simultaneously throughout the coast of West Papua.

In addition, this method is also useful for maintaining the existence of the tribes that occupy the coastal areas of West Papua so that they are maintain and safe.

4. As Carbon Market

Victor claimed that by exchanging the carbon sequestered, mangrove protection can also have financial advantages.

In this carbon trading arrangement, one party can pay for another party’s services in maintaining carbon inventories in order to combat the issue of climate change.

The global carbon market is still in its infancy. Victor asserts that the Indonesian government can work on a national level.

The importance of mangrove in West Papua does not only have an impact on the environment in Papua, but other aspects can help the country in large numbers.

Therefore, counseling regarding this information is very much need. So that the community and the government can jointly carry out large-scale planting.