The Importance of West Papua People in Governmental Personnel

The Importance of West Papua People in Governmental Personnel

Indonesia has many different ethnic groups, religions, cultures, traditional delicacies, gorgeous landscapes, and even languages. One of those differences comes from the West Papua people, home to many unique characteristics, including its culture.

The Importance of West Papua People in Governmental Personnel

The contribution of their people to government is especially significant given the province’s numerous unique assets. Additionally, its citizens have some privileges in some areas of the policy.

West Papua People’s Privilege in the Indonesian Government

Due to various factors, the government grants privileges to the province’s residents. The province frequently suffers from poor transportation, education, and communication.

The Indonesian government has established several advantages for its citizens in Papua to ease several issues. 

They Operate in a Unique Configuration on CPNS (Probationary Civil Servant)

For residents of West Papua, the Indonesian government decided to create a unique CPNS (Calon Pegawai Negeri Sipil – Probationary Civil Servant) structure. This choice is supported because it is intended to implement the plan to arrange for staff in Papua. In addition, due to unfettered competition, migrants now make up the bulk of visitors to Papua.

To ensure equity and stability for top-notch human resources, the CPNS organizes a unique formation just for the West Papua people. On the other hand, the government makes an effort to put the CAT system before the CPNS choice in Papua.

West Papuans Enjoy a High Level of Autonomy

The purpose of granting West Papua Province Special Autonomy is to advance justice, uphold the rule of law, and respect human rights. Speed up economic growth, enhance the welfare of the West Papuan, and do it in a fair and balanced way with the advancement of other provinces.

It is Crucial to Promote Equitable Development in West Papua

The administration is concerned about the growth of the province’s inhabitants, who have much potential. The government thinks this region will have a decent existence in the future, from education to other fields.

The Value of West Papuan People in Government

Bumi Cendrawasih residents do various tasks, particularly for the Indonesian government. The essential items originate from multiple sources, starting with their cultures, landscape, and cuisine.

People are Aware of the Cultures

People in the region are essential because they vigorously promote their cultures. As a mark of respect for their ancestors, they continue the traditions. It is crucial in governance for a variety of reasons, including this. Indeed, Noken, a crocheted bag designated as a Globe Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, has helped to reintroduce the name Indonesia to the world.

West Papuan Can Create Their Culinary Works

The ability of the inhabitants in this province to make distinctive meals, especially the traditional foods that serve as their staple foods, is another noteworthy characteristic. The community’s ownership and creation of variety is unquestionably a source of pride, even for the provincial government.

It has to be conserved and kept so that Papua’s cuisine may continue to evolve over time and not become extinct. Papuan cuisine includes Papeda, Lontar Cake, Aunu Senebre, and Martabak Sago.

The Populace is Capable of Handling the Tourism Attraction

On the other hand, the West Papua people are valued by the government because they can take and manage tourist attractions. Others agree that Papua Island has many breathtaking views that draw travelers there repeatedly.

We must remember that the neighborhood plays a significant role in the tourist initiative. The provincial administration collaborates with the community for this reason.

West Papua people also aid the growth of Papua and the Indonesian government in West Papua. A respected partnership between the administration and the populace is also necessary to build a good government and an improved province.

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