The Important of Gender Equality in West Papua Development

West Papua

Gender equality is still a concern in West Papua. Although the government has worked hard to create a climate of equality, it takes work, especially concerning the conditions of the Papuan people.

Understanding Gender Equality

The definition of gender equality refers to a state of equality between men and women in the fulfillment of rights and obligations.

Gender is a distinction of roles, attributes, traits, attitudes and behaviors that grow and develop in society.

Gender roles in society are divide into productive parts, reproductive roles and social roles. In other words, gender can be interpreted as a role formed by a community.

In addition, gender also means behavior embedded in the socialization process of women and men.

This condition implies that gender is not merely differentiating between the sexes but about the roles and contributions of both in society.

Gender becomes a problem when there is inequality in the roles and opportunities given.

Biological differences between men and women are interpreted as social differences. There is still an assumption in society that household chores are the absolute duty of women.

This inequality is even more striking when opportunities for education, employment or politics are restrict. Many areas still lack equality, such as health, education and people with disabilities.

The Importance of Gender Equality

There is not a single region in the third world where women have enjoyed equality in legal, social and economic rights. Women and girls bear the brunt of this inequality.

Yet, when it comes to development, gender equality strengthens a country’s ability to develop. Equality reduces poverty and makes governance more effective.

As such, promoting gender equality is a central part of a development strategy to empower all people. Women and men have an equal duty to lift themselves out of poverty and improve their lives.

More profoundly, gender equality aims to uphold human rights and empower women, both young and old.

In addition, those are several objectives of gender equality: eliminating all forms of violence, harassment, and exploitation that women often experience.

Equality will also end all forms of discrimination that often occur in the household and work environment.

Gender Equality in West Papua

The realization of gender equality is characterize by the absence of discrimination between women and men in obtaining fair benefits from development.

This justice still needs to be felt in the eastern province of Indonesia.

Many cases of discrimination against women still limit their rights in the private and public spheres.

Women in low-income families have little access to educational facilities, and experience poverty and violence.

In Indonesia, West Papua Province ranks second lowest after Papua Province in terms of gender development.

Generally, the province tends to have a sizable difference between the wages received by female and male workers.

This signal of inequality begins with the population problem in West Papua. Emphasizing population is, therefore, essential concerning society’s economic and educational levels.

Education for women is still limit by the stigmas of customs. When education gets better, it creates a desire for women to control fertility.

Gender Development Index West Papua

In general, the Gender Development Index in West Papua is low. This index itself is a parameter that describes the extent of gender equality conditions in a region.

This province still has gaps and problems related to human development and gender. The reason is that many women and children have yet to be involve in various development sectors.

Few women still fill strategic positions in government and the private sector.

In addition, many women are still victims of abuse or violence. Even in the development sector, men still dominate.

This condition in West Papua requires mutual attention so that the Human Development Index and Gender are no longer left behind.

That way, equitable development West Papua will be achieve in Indonesia’s western and eastern regions.