The Kiti Kiti Waterwall West Papua Hidden Paradise.

The Kiti Kiti Waterwall West Papua Hidden Paradise
F06A26 A waterfall plummets into the ocean, Mommon, Banda Sea, West Papua province, Indonesia, Pacific Ocean

Just because located in the southern part of Indonesia, does not mean that west Papua is left behind. The thriving development has discovered ranges of west Papua hidden paradise. Some tourism locations were filled with unimaginable beauty with natural beauty intact. One of them is the Kiti Kiti waterfall that known for its waterfall sea. Here is what you will see.

The Waterfall And The Open Sea

The main interest of the Kiti Kiti waterfall is its flow that is directly in contact with the open sea. The freshwater from the waterfall run down from the jungle and hit the open sea creating such an amazing natural phenomenon. The location itself is just simply breathtaking. There is no white beach, but a crystal clear open sea.

The surrounding location of the waterfall is filled with a natural touch. It looks like a painting that highlights mother nature’s charm. Due to the small dimension, the waterfall makes stunning wildlife around it. The blue sea is the home of corals and fish. People can see it through the surface thank to the west Papua hidden paradise’s crystal clear water.

Panoramic Landscape

The surface landscape is as stunning as its water area. The mountain and lush green forest build a perfect nuance for tourists and visitors. Not only that, the stunning mountains and tropical views are creating a perfect home for endemic wildlife. Thus, make the location loved by people that enjoy the adventure.

Ranges Of Activities

The Kiti Kiti Waterwall West Papua Hidden Paradise

While the waterfall is the main attraction, the location is brimming with tons of fun activities. The underwater enthusiast can take the chance to taste the water and do some swimming, snorkeling, or fishing. You can see the diversity of the water kingdom life, the coral, the fishes, or enjoy the fresh clean water.

However, tourists might need to prepare all of the equipment beforehand. Those who want to fish in the west Papua hidden paradises location should bring some bait and goes to the particular spot to fish. It does the same with snorkeling. With no nearby snorkeling facilities, tourists need to prepare everything by themselves.

For those who prefer inland activities, the inhabitant lush green forest is your target. You can do some camping activities and enjoy the beauty of the untouched jungle. The location is also a perfect place to fill up the camera gallery. You can take a breathtaking picture, sitting nearby a waterfall, and enjoy the nuance.


The Kiti Kiti waterfall is located in the Fak Fak regency. It is a place that is quite far from the mainland and the capital. Thus, make the travel time a journey by itself. The estimated time to reach the west Papua hidden paradise from the Port Fak Fak is 4 hours by speed boat. Considering how far and isolated the location is, no wonder it has such beauty.

Kiti Kiti waterfall might be one of the beautiful hidden paradises you can find in West Papua. Its natural waterfall fell directly to the open sea. Creating magnificent double natural attractions, the waterfall, and the sea. The location also has a little human touch, which makes it a virgin natural tourist destination that highlights the beauty of smothering nature.