The Most 5 Attractive Tourism Objects In West Papua

Meta Description: West Papua Is One Of Indonesia’s Islands That Are Worthy To Be Your Next Destination Since It Has Many Beautiful Tourism Objects You Can Explore.

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West Papua is one of the Indonesian islands in the east with countless natural beauty that is well-deserved to be explored. No wonder many travelers include this island as their “must-visit travel destination.” If you plan to travel, you should include this island too since it will give many unforgettable traveling experiences.

For your references, here are 5 tourism objects in West Papua that you should include on your list destination:

Raja Ampat


Who doesn’t know about Raja Ampat? Raja Ampat is an icon of tourism object in West Papua that boosts travelers’ interest to explore this beautiful island. Many activities on this beautiful island, swimming, water sports, snorkeling, or scuba diving, become the main purpose for many divers.

Most of the natural landscapes on this island are untouched, including marine life, which is the home of 75% of the world’s coral reef species in Saindarek Village. Besides, many underwater species like sea horses, wobbegong, Manta Pari fish, and others. 

Anyone who loves diving doesn’t want to miss the chance to enjoy this beautiful marine life that they can’t find in other places. Raja Ampat should be included on your destination list if you love scuba diving too.


Cendrawasih Bay National Park


The next tourist object you should visit is Cendrawasih Bay, National Park. To get there, you only need to take 5 hours drive from Manokwari, the capital city of West Papua. This national park is famous because it has many beautiful island-like Nusrowi, Mioswaar Island, Roon, Rumberpon, and Yoop. Besides, this national park is already known as the national sea park since the islands have 90% of the sea. 

The sea has various biotas and animals like rare turtles, dolphins, sharks, and blue whales. There is an underwater cave that you can see underwater in Tanjung Mangguar. The beauty of underwater life and species diversity makes this national park heaven for divers. It would be best if you didn’t miss a chance to explore this beauty too while visiting Cendrawasih Bay National Park 

Arfak Mountain


The Arfak Mountains is another location that you should include on your destination list in West Papua. This tourism object is the name of the region surrounded by hills. So,  this mountain is located on a plateau that reaches 2.900 meters above sea level.

There are two amazing lakes you can visit on this mountain. these are Lake Anggi Gida and Anggi Giji. These two lakes are still unknown, so the lakes are still clean and natural. Even in the lake’s center, white sand is the perfect place to relax. 

Besides, there is a neighborhood village along the way to these lakes where you can find accommodation and treat yourself to traditional food in there. You can even hire a guide to accompany you while exploring the culture and people there. 

Framu Lake


The next destination in West Papua worth visiting is this Framu Lake. Located in  Framu, Ayamaru, Maybrat region, this lake is surrounded by dense trees that make this area. So, if you want to real, this lake is perfect, especially in the morning. 

However, many travelers visit this lake because it is famous for its water not being contaminated. The watercolor is still clean and blue so that you can see your reflection on the water surface. 

Tapurarang Archeological Site


If you are interested in knowing more about the culture of West Papua,  then you should visit Tapurarang Archeological Site located in Kokas, Fakfak Region. This site is a gallery of numerous prehistoric paintings of palms, eyes, soles of the feet, dolphins, lizards, plants, leaves, human faces, and boomerangs on steep rock cliffs. It looks ordinary, but the painting can clearly describe humans and their daily lives.

Besides, The paintings themselves are unique, have natural dyes, and are painted like sprayed. It uses red and yellow as the color, painted on the edges of each object. Even though this ancient artwork is hundreds of years old, the paintings still have excellent quality. Even people can still see the vivid red color on paintings that many believed to resemble human blood.

On this site, you can also see human bone skeletons, which are believed are relics of the ancestors of the Kokas community from ancient times. It’s been a hundred years since the bones’ structure doesn’t change at all. It is because of the message of the predecessor of Kokas Community that prohibits touching and changing the structure of the bones.


These are 5 tourism objects you should visit while traveling in West Papua. This beautiful island is indeed are such a best traveling destination. The diversity of culture, people, and natural beauty of the island guarantees that you can get memorable experiences in your life.