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The Opportunities And Challenge On The West Papua Education Development

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As tourism exposure gets better, the eastern part of Indonesia getting more attention lately. Unfortunately, it also includes the education system and condition of the region. Take a look at west Papua education growth. While it does behind, but the government is optimistic to improve and tackle all of the challenges. What are those tasks? Find the answer here.

The Bawa Perubahan Program

The program that translated to bring the changes is one of the many initiatives brought by the local Orang Asli Papua (OAP) organization and central government. It also appears in the Presidential constitutions no.9 2020. It turns into a new leaf that brings opportunities for the locals and students to get a proper education.

It also highlights the prioritized targets, the local Papuans. Considering the idea, it can also help in many sectors, not only in educations. It is especially true since the main focus of the program is the endemics communities’ wellbeing, welfare, and development in all sectors. Along with it, there is also the Papua Talent management (MTP) program for west Papua.

The program is meant to attract local Papuan youths with the best talents. Those students or locals will later get continuous training or education. The main goal is to provide proper job opportunities in varying industries and education. And the last one is the learning center construction that teaches non-formal studies as gateways to education.

The Challenge That Government Need To Confront

1. Teacher Struggle As Civil Servant

The economic situation of the region has been one of the challenges to advance in many developments. It includes the fact that many educators, teachers, and civil servants still struggle in poor social and economic conditions. It can greatly affect the schooling experience, property, needs, and infrastructure.

2. Teacher Well Being And Protection

However, the government needs to pay attention that some west Papua challenge in the implementation can make everything goes awry. In this case, the first problem goes to the lack of supportive equipment, substructure, wellbeing, and protection. It means that the government needs to face the problem head-on and execute the proper education development.

3. Poor Infrastructure

The vast land, diverse culture, and uneven population make it hard to provide proper infrastructure. It happens in all sectors, including health and education growth. Road access, technology, places, and location make a huge part in infrastructural development. Thus, when government and locals cannot fix the problem, the growth will considerably be lacking.

In the case of education, one of the highlights is the difficulties with PJJ or remote learning programs. Almost 64% of the Papua region, has poor internet access and facilities. It highlights how many west Papua students and schools still learning face to face or offline. That fact shows that the challenge in infrastructure should be given more reflection.

With that problems, does it means the region has no chance of getting better in education? No, it is not. The development has been progressively increasing and getting better. Just as how the program was carried out in Papua. However, it is also worth noticing that the conservation province is not an easy target and needs time to finally embrace all challenges.

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