The Remarkable Contributions of West Papua Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs

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Never underestimate the power of women. This also applies to the women of West Papua.

Their contributions to this province and the country are remarkable. They also make great leaders and strong entrepreneurs.

The Role of Women In West Papua As Leaders and Entrepreneurs

So, what is the role of women in West Papua as leaders and entrepreneurs?

There are many things that they can do, primarily to protect and preserve nature. These are some of the names:

1. Aminah Ahek

Meet Aminah Ahek, the Head of the Farmers’ Group in Pangwadar Village. The village is in the Kokas District, Fak-fak Regency, West Papua.

She is the one to encourage her fellow women to participate actively in Social Forestry Groups.

After all, many women are much closer to home and nature, where they provide food for themselves and their families.

To ensure women’s involvement is taken more seriously, Aminah increases their representation of them in Village Forest Management Institutions and Social Forestry Business Groups.

Unsurprisingly, many people dub Aminah Ahek one of “the Guardians of The Forests.”

2. Yustina Ogene From West Papua

Yustina Ogene is the Head of Merdey District in Teluk Bintuni Regency, West Papua.

Knowing how important it is for women’s voices to be heard in the government,

Yustina also increases the representation of women in the House of Representatives in the Central Government in customary peace sessions.

Another thing that Yustina has done is map out customary forests with the Papuan Arrow Organization. That way, the progress of the forests’ preservation can be tracked down more easily.

3. Naomi Marasian

Remember Naomi Marasian, the Director of The Limited Association for The Study and Empowerment of Indigenous People in Jayapura.

Naomi revived the enterprises owned by the village people and revitalized vanilla and cocoa in the farming industry. She is also the initiator of the development of new commodities.

Naomi is also one to keep pushing for green economy policies.

She is still working hard to ensure that the government’s economic policies uphold the importance of preserving nature, which makes a safe environment.

4. Ruth Somisu

From the entrepreneurs’ side, meet Ruth Somisu. She is a lecturer at STBS (Swadiri Bio Science College) in Jayapura, teaching business and entrepreneurship.

As part of GARAP, the association for young entrepreneurs from Papua, Ruth is working hard to open up new economic opportunities as an entrepreneur.

According to Ruth, young people in West Papua must know that there are many career choices they can take.

If they want to start their businesses by becoming entrepreneurs, why not? That is what she encourages young Papuans to do.

5. Desi Esema From West Papua

Desi Esema is also working together with Ruth Somisu in GARAP.

Meanwhile, This Yakuhimo resident received her scholarship in 2015 and later took part in debriefing and coaching at JIC (Jakarta International College) for ten months.

Then, she started enrolling in college in 2017, majoring in aviation management and operations.

Like her work partner Ruth, Desi also believes in giving young people in West Papua more career options.

She uses her experiences of studying abroad to encourage her fellow Papuans to start taking an interest in entrepreneurial opportunities.

The good thing about this option is not only to start their own business.

The Role of Women In West Papua Is Important Too

There are still so many names besides the five women above. So far, about 20 active female leaders are working hard in Papua, while the other 30 are in West Papua.

They all work hard together to implement the further development of Papua.

Of course, it is important to acknowledge and appreciate their contributions. After all, women make up over half of the population.