The Role International Cooperation in Promoting West Papua Development

West Papua

To improve public services and development in West Papua, the government must be more creative and innovative in overcoming human and financial limited resources.

One way is through cooperation with foreign countries.

Roles of International Cooperation in the Development of West Papua

The Indonesian government partners with the United States to address development challenges.

There are several roles of international cooperation in the development of West Papua, as follows:

1. PCGI Implementation

As one of the strategies to accelerate Papua’s development, the Ministry of National Development Planning

And the United States Agency for International Development has collaborated with Papua Collaborative Governance Indonesia (PCGI) 2022-2027.

Indonesia and the United States agree that PCGI will respond to challenges in Papua while at the same time ensuring the implementation of Papuan policies

Within the framework of the 2022-2024 National Medium-Term Development Plan.

Apart from that, they will also address the special autonomy for Papua, the acceleration of welfare development in Papua,

And the 2022–2041 Master Plan for the Acceleration of Development in Papua (RIPPP).

PCGI implementation also supports the direction of the President of the Republic of Indonesia in the context of development policies for the Papua region.

Among them is Presidential Instruction Number 9 of 2020 concerning RIPPP and also West Papua Welfare Development.

2. Increasing Accountability for Governance in West Papua

USAID looks forward to expanding its close relationship with Bappenas and working with local partners

Such as Cendrawasih University and Papua University to improve governance functions and accountability in Papua and West Papua.

USAID Collaboration is just one of many USAID initiatives in Indonesia that demonstrate the breadth of engagement between the two countries.

USAID supports Indonesia in achieving democratic governance. In addition, USAID also promotes natural resource management and promotes inclusive economic growth.

In addition, it also supports combating the effects of climate change;

And strengthening Indonesia’s health system that is responsive to threats to health resilience, such as infectious diseases and pandemics.

3. Bridging All Stakeholders in West Papua

Through the Berkilau Program (Together We Protect the Land of Papua), the government and partnerships seek to play a role in increasing multi-stakeholder coordination

And consultation to enhance the sustainable development of the Land of West Papua.

The Partnership seeks to bridge all stakeholders in West Papua so that they can work together to achieve the mandate in the regulations that have been stipulated.

In addition, it can also develop development policies at the regional and national levels.

The role of indigenous peoples in West Papua is very important in sustainable development.

In building a province, sustainable development does not only focus on its natural resources but also its people.

4. Three Great Missions Through RIPPP

RIPPP contains a major direction for accelerating development in Papua Province through three major missions: Healthy Papua, Smart Papua, and Productive Papua.

So, they hope the three major missions will bring about significant changes for the Indigenous Papuans (OAP) at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

In the RIPPP, one of the strategies to accelerate West Papua’s development is strengthening cooperation with international development partners.

Strengthening cooperation between the Government of Indonesia and USAID

Under the Collaboration program will play an important role in mobilizing program resources and increasing the focus on achieving the development goals of the RIPPP.

Funding for development in West Papua, both from the State Budget, Regional Budget, and the private sector,

Must work with development actors, including the central government, regional governments, development partners, and the community.