The Role of Media in West Papua Development (Opportunities)

West Papua

The role of the media in the development of a region is very important. Especially in remote areas that are rarely known by the wider community, such as West Papua.

In this case, actually the existence of the media has become a concern for the government to develop the region, but there are still opportunities and challenges behind it all.

The Opportunities of Media

The media provides enormous opportunities for people’s lives, especially those in the West Papua region.

Moreover, this area is rich in unique nature, ethnicity, culture, and so on which can be used as a forum for education for many people.

Then, what are the opportunities that should be exploited by the mass media?

  • Rich in Natural Beauty

The first opportunity that the media can get is the natural beauty of West Papua. Indonesia is famous for its natural beauty that can attract the interest of many people locally and internationally.

The beauty of Papua also need not be doubt; even many travelers make this area a holiday recommendation.

This can be use as information to further introduce the province of West Papua to a wider audience.

If this is successful, then the community will also get a big impact, namely the benefits to help boost the economy in the area. Of course this should be a concern for the government and society.

  • Rich in Ethnicity and Culture

Indonesia consists of many tribes and cultures that are know for their exoticism and authenticity which are still maintain today.

Not only that, many traditional rituals or ceremonies are often still being carried out, especially in the western part of Papua. The thickness of the cultural values is still carry out from generation to generation.

In this case, the media can cover the activities carried out by the people in the area to introduce the real Indonesian culture.

In addition, the media is also able to educate everyone in various regions that preserving culture is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Provision in Comprehensive Information and Knowledge

Indonesia is include in a country with a low literacy rate. This happens because many people are still illiterate due to the uneven distribution of education,

Especially in remote areas such as western Papua. Difficulties in access to schools and the lack of schools are also major factors causing this to happen.

In this case, the media plays an important role in providing education widely about many things to the public to make it easier for them to gain knowledge and reduce illiteracy in the region.

In addition, the knowledge gained from the media is also more creative, so that it can increase people’s motivation.

The Challenges of Media

Despite the many opportunities provide, the role of the media in participating in developing West Papua does not run smoothly, instead there are many challenges that are often face.

Of course this is also a big concern for the government and society in general. Here are some challenges!

The first challenge for the government and the media in giving the role of the media. To the public is inadequate access to technology.

In fact, the existence of a signal is very difficult to find or rare in the area. So that the acquisition of knowledge as a whole is decreasing.

Second, there is a lack of public interest in the knowledge they must acquire. To help educate the lives of all people in the region.

In fact, the media provides a great opportunity for the public to obtain accurate. And diverse information and can be use as an interesting educational forum.

That was information related to the opportunities and challenges of media in West Papua’s development.

In building a region to be better, the government and society should work together. To make it happen with the help of the mass media for dissemination of complete information.