The Significance of Papua’s Rainforest for Global Carbon Storage

the significance of Papua's rainforest for global carbon storage

The Significance of Papua’s Rainforest for Global Carbon Storage – The world’s environmental problems occur continuously and as time goes by it is increasingly worrying for the community.

Now, the world’s population is large, causing an increase in daily needs.

From here, the significance of Papua’s rainforest for global carbon storage has a big responsibility to protect the environment.

How Does Papua’s Rainforest Help Global Carbon Storage?

Rainforests have a huge capacity to absorb greenhouse gas emissions made by people.

Tropical rainforests take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, store it, and create oxygen, making them the world’s largest carbon storehouse.

Due to their ability to control temperature and weather patterns, rainforests also serve as global thermostats.

If not, there’s a chance that the earth’s temperature will raise without regard to day or night.

Using former forest areas and the loss of tropical rainforests account for 9–11% of all annual greenhouse gas emissions.

This number is equal to the combined emissions of all trains, planes, and automobiles worldwide.

Young, environmentally friendly forests must be plant and manage to help sequester carbon in the atmosphere in order to reduce the risk.

The Significance of Papua’s Rainforest for Global Carbon Storage

Papuan rain forests provide great benefits for the world in storing carbon gas which can cause environmental problems.

Its existence must be protect to prevent events that are very harmful to the environment.

The following is information about the important role of forest in West Papua!

1. Global Warming

Extreme weather brought on by climate change and global warming affects Indonesia as well as the rest of the world’s population.

In many locations, including the Land of Papua, droughts, floods, and landslides are obvious signs of how climate change is already having an impact on society.

A prime example is the floods and landslides that occurred on March 13, 2019,

In the Cyclops Mountains in Sentani, Papua. 113 persons lost their lives in the disaster, which is also thought to have cost 506 billion rupiah.

The School of EcoDiplomacy’s learning activities, which took place from November 12–15, 2019, turned this incident into a topic of discussion.

2. Provide Oxygen

Oxygen is a necessity for all living things. If there is a disruption to this need, of course the life of creatures on earth will be disrupt.

The rain forest is the largest provider of oxygen after phytoplankton in the sea. Its existence must be properly maintain so that nature is more balance.

Rainforests are known as the lungs of the world because they contribute around 20% of the world’s oxygen.

Rainforests and soils also absorb around 20% of the world’s man-made carbon dioxide emissions such as those resulting from fossil fuel transportation and electricity generation.

The significance of Papua’s rainforests for global carbon storage must be maintain to avoid worsening environmental problems, not only in Papua, but in various countries around the world.

Therefore, to deal with land conversion, the government must issue regulations that can protect the existence of Papua’s forests.