The Supports for West Papua Population During Covid-19

West Papua Population
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It’s been 2 years since the Covid-19 pandemic started. All of the worlds’ nation including Indonesia suffered badly, both mentally and economically. The people are thriving to survive, all of them from Sabang to Merauke. The most affected sector is Tourism, as social distancing and health protocols must be implemented. This includes the West Papua population that has just started their tourism sector. The following is a summary of some of the supports that has been done.

West Papua Population
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The Governor’s Efforts

The governor of West Papua, Drs. Dominggus Mandacan vigorously reminds its people to obey Covid-19 health protocols. Not only for the people, but everyone including government officials. He specifically wants them to not go anywhere, especially outside of the region, unless it is necessary to interact with the people.

In June 20th 2021, the governor gave a speech that the Covid-19 pandemic is the responsibility of all. All parties have their responsibility to suppress the spread of the virus. He adds that the security and order is also the responsibility of all, not just the military and police. Furthermore, on July 2021 the governor issued official instructions for the people to obey in hopes that it will help flattening the curve.

Not only instructions, the governor also gave staple groceries and phase 1 stimulus to help the people who are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, for example in Wondama Bay regency on June 2021. As much as 3001 packages were given, and 400 micro-businesses received 2 million rupiah each. These came from the state budget planned to fight the pandemic.

Quarantine Ship

The government also took part of helping the West Papua population by inaugurating the free of charge quarantine ship named KM Sirimau, located in Sorong. The ship consists of 460 beds that can be used to serve the local people. Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi who inaugurated the ship, hopes that the ship will become useful, he also thanked all the people and parties involved in this program.

The Mayor of Sorong, Lambert Jitmau persuaded its people who are confirmed to have the virus to undergo quarantine on the ship. The foods and medicine used for quarantine on the ship is claimed to be free, as it is also funded by the government.

Maximizing Online Reports

To further suppress the spread of Covid-19, Ombudsman West Papua implemented various measures so that services to the community are not disrupted due to social restrictions. Musa Sombuk, the Head of Ombudsman Representative for West Papua maximized communication features, from WhatsApp and email to text messages and phone calls.

As social retractions are being implemented, it made many government offices to close early. Musa added that he hopes the customer service numbers and contacts are replying every report and complains of the people. The people can still do direct report to the ombudsman office, as they are implementing health protocols and provide hand washing facilities.

Help From BNPB

The BNPB (Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana) sent 150 thousand masks to support West Papua to accelerate the handling of COVID-19. The masks include 5 thousand INA cloth masks, 30 thousand medical masks, 50 thousand children’s medical masks, 15 thousand KF-94 masks, and 55 thousand children’s cloth masks.

Apart from masks, they also sent 50 oxygen tubes, 50 oxygen concentrator, 1000 medical gloves, 1000 medical T-Well and 10 thousand antigen rapid test set. It was scheduled to arrive in West Papua on 3rd of July, which later will be distributed to various districts/cities. 

Covid-19 needs to be stopped by all of us cooperating and being patient. Therefore, supports received by the West Papua population needs to be sustainable. It is hoped that the supports will continue to be given, even after the Covid-19 pandemic.