The Uniqueness of Traditional West Papua Cuisine


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West Papua cuisine is known for its uniqueness and delicious taste. You should try them when you go to West Papua


The beauty of West Papua lies in every aspect, including the culinary. West Papua cuisine is influenced by the people’s culture and its natural resources. If you have enough time to go to West Papua, you must taste its unique cuisine. Are you feeling so curious? Here are seven culinary specialties of West Papua that give you a magnificent sensation.


Matoa Ice Syrup


This West Papuan drink is ice with a mixture of red kolang kaling, green jelly, Matoa fruit, and other spices often found in Papua. When you make it, decorate with lime and pandan leaves. What does it feel like? Sour, sweet, and fresh.

Papeda in Yellow Fish Sauce: Most Famous West Papua Cuisine


Papeda is a staple food for most people in Papua and Maluku. It is made by tapping the Sago Tree or Tassel.


This sago porridge is usually served with mubara or tuna with turmeric seasoning. After the cooking process, Papeda resembles glue -, a little sticky with a bland taste. Papeda contains enough fiber, low cholesterol, and is high in nutrition.

Abon Roll


Would you love to try the nutritious food in West Papua? Let’s try West Papua’s abon roll!


Abon Roll is a West Papua dish that is quite significant in size and contains nutritious shredded meat. Abon Roll bread is not very durable. So consume it immediately or put it in the refrigerator, so it doesn’t go stale.


Mashed Caladium/Taro

Tumbled Taro is a Papuan specialty made from taro and served with grilled fish. Mashed taro is made by boiling taro until cooked and then pounded until smooth. Next, the mashed taro is mixed with grated coconut, salt, and sugar. This dish is usually served as an additional menu at the dinner table for family events, thanksgiving, traditional parties, or other celebrations. Taro contains high carbohydrates but is low in sugar, so it is very suitable for those who run a diet program.


Cakalang Asap


There is a difference between West Papuan cakalang asap and another regularly smoked skipjack. The difference lies in the smoking process.


Papuan’s cakalang asap is cooked by horizontally placing the fish on the coals. The West Papuan people used this method so that the fish was dehydrated. Cakalang Asap has an authentic and savory taste.


Lontar Cake


At first glance, the lontar cake is almost similar to the milk pie found in other areas. It has nothing to do with the lontar plant; the naming of lontar is said to have come from the absorption of the Dutch language, namely londtart, which means round cake. The inside of the lontar cake has a very soft texture, while the outside is crunchy. Several cities in Papua sell lontar cakes as exceptional food for travelers who visit Papua.


Keladi Chips


Keladi chips, made from the typical Papuan type of sweet potato, can be used as a delicious snack when hungry or as a souvenir from a vacation. These chips usually come in three flavors: spicy, sweet, and savory. West Papuan snacks are the most popular souvenirs in Sorong City since almost every shop there sells these chips.


Martabak Sago

Martabak Sago is a famous dish from Fak Fak Regency, West Papua, with a delicious sweet and savory taste. This dish is made from mashed sago then added with palm sugar. Papuan people usually serve this dish as a snack to welcome guests.


Wrapped Fish of West Papua


Fish Wraps of West Papua is a culinary dish of sea fish cooked by wrapping taro leaves. Previously the sea fish would be seasoned with various spices to make it taste delicious and delicious. In this case, salt is essential because it functions as a salty taste for fish and neutralizes the sap from taro leaves. The manufacturing process begins by cleaning the fish and dressing it with various spices. Furthermore, the fish is wrapped in taro leaves and burned over low heat.


Auru Senebre


Auru Senebre is also one of West Papua cuisine that you must try when you have a chance to go there. The food is made from two main ingredients:  rice, and anchovies. It also has a spice sensation in it. You can easily find this West Papuan food in stalls near West Papua’s beaches.


Candied Nutmeg


Candied Nutmeg is a snack from Fak Fak Regency. Nutmeg is the primary commodity of Fak Fak Regency that is easy to find in all corners of the city. These sweets are traditionally made by drying the Nutmeg or soaking it in a sugar solution. Candied Nutmeg is sold as souvenirs for travelers visiting West Papua.


Sago Caterpillar Satay


Not everyone loves to try extreme food. However, when you want to challenge yourself when in Papua, you might want to try this West Papua Cuisine!


This traditional West Papuan food can seem extreme and disgusting to most Indonesians. But in the hands of the Papuan people, this caterpillar can turn into a delicious satay, which has beneficial nutrients for the body.


There are so many West Papua Cuisine that you can try when you go to this magnificent place. No wonder people called West Papua a jewel of the east. There are too many things that might amuse you and fill your heart with love, including its cuisine!