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West Papua commodities are rich and possess high demand from Indonesia and other countries. Here is the data.


West Papua is known not only for its beauty but also for its commodities. West Papua is rich in natural resources that can support the life of its people and enhance the economic sector. The importer of West Papua commodities comes both from other areas in Indonesia and foreign countries. 


Thus, it is interesting to know how this sector can improve West Papua people’s economic and social quality. 


The Exports Data of West Papua Commodities

How about the export sector of West Papua during the pandemic era? It is a bit complicated, but we can say that it is getting better.


Based on Ellen Nanlohy from Statistics Indonesia Sorong, throughout 2020, West Papua’s exports fluctuated. In early 2020, West Papua’s exports reached US$ 180.97 million in January 2020 but continued to decline from February to March 2020.


The sharpest decline occurred in March 2020, with exports only reaching the US $ 119.60 million or a decrease of 24.18 percent compared to the previous month.


The decline occurred when the COVID-19 pandemic entered the West Papua region, and the most significant contributor to the decrease in exports in March 2020 was from the oil and gas group.


The Commodities of West Papua


Here are some famous commodities exported from West Papua to other countries in the world:


Red Fruit

Red fruit grows a lot in Papua. This fruit is believed to have many health benefits.


Some of the benefits of red fruit are lowering cholesterol, preventing cancer, and having antiviral properties. That is why many people eat red fruit, including those who stay abroad.


Based on the Ministry of Agriculture data, red fruit is imported to various countries, such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Czechoslovakia. The great demand from the four countries can boost the economy of West Papua.



Cocoa is a well-known export commodity from West Papua. Cocoa from West Papua has good quality and is also in abundance.


Dominggus Mandacan, governor of West Papua, said that the development of Ransiki cocoa production will be supported by the West Papuan government. In addition to maintaining non-deforestation local commodities, this will also help ensure the welfare of cocoa farmers. Cocoa is exported to several countries in ASEAN, East Asia, and Europe.


Natural Gas

The natural gas commodity comes from Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), a natural product from Teluk Bintuni Regency.


The largest market share of LNG export destination countries is China. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chinese economy weakened so much that demand for gas in China declined, and world supply will inevitably increase, resulting in a decline in world LNG prices.


According to Ellen Nanlogy, in December 2020, natural gas exports were able to reach US$ 190.95 million and became the highest natural gas export achievement throughout 2020. The largest export destination country was China, with 53.6 percent.


This data shows that the Chinese economy is starting to improve to become the primary destination for natural gas exports from Indonesia. It can also illustrate that the Indonesian economy is beginning to experience recovery in the new normal era.



Oil is a commodity that is exported partly from the loading port of Sorong. Sorong Regency has several oil exploration companies.


In April 2020, West Papua’s oil and gas exports briefly rose to a value of US$ 176.92 million but fell again from May to July 2020 and increased from July to October 2020.


Then, the number of oil and gas exports fell again in November 2020 to only US$ 131.07 million. December 2020 became the point of the revival of West Papua’s exports at a value of US $ 194.33 million.




The cement commodity has an export value of US$ 16.15 million (0.90 percent). This cement commodity comes from the Manokwari district, which PT SDIC Papua Cement Indonesia produces.


The leading export country for cement commodities is Taiwan, which has reached 40.58 percent of the total West Papua cement export destinations throughout 2020. The type of cement exported to Taiwan is clinker cement (the finished material for Portland cement).


West Papua has excellent export potential in helping move the economy of West Papua. The potential for natural resources (SDA) is very abundant, so to support the economy of West Papua, these natural resources (SDA) need to be managed wisely and maximally by the West Papua regional government.


With limited technology and human resources (HR) in managing natural resources owned by West Papua, the local government accepts foreign investors to help manage West Papua’s natural resources (SDA).


Now, you understand commodities commonly exported from West Papua to other countries. The export-import business can increase the West Papua economic sector. However, this activity must pay attention to environmental sustainability, absorption of local workers, and sharing company profits with the local government to support the West Papuan economy perfectly.