These 10 Best Hidden Paradises in West Papua Must Exist in Your Bucket List

West Papua

What comes across your mind when you hear about West Papua? Most people will usually mention Raja Ampat, a magnificent tourist destination that has been viral in recent years. However, did you know that the province has a myriad more of hidden gems? The view of those places is also as exquisite as Raja Ampat. So, the following hidden paradises in West Papua must exist in your bucket list. 

  • Lake Ayamaru

West Papua

Located in Ayamaru District, Maybrat Regency, Lake Ayamaru is unique and has always been maintained well by the local community. Not many tourists know the existence of this lake, so this place is rather quiet. It is also a crystal-clear lake with water color of yellow, green and blue gradation, so many fish under the water can be seen swimming back and forth.

The location of the lake is near Australia’s border, making the area around the lake a haven for migratory birds from the country. It is a haven for photography freaks as well. 

  • Um Island

West Papua

Once you arrive at Um Island, you will be spoiled by the charm of a virgin island with a very natural view of luxuriant trees, surrounded with fine sand and clear water. Despite its natural beauty, just be mindful that everything you do on the island should not disturb thousands of bats indigenous to the area. Otherwise, you will be subject to fines or customary laws.

  • Rumberpon Island

West Papua

Rumberpon Island is situated in Wondama Bay or five hours away by boat from Manokwari, the capital of West Papua Province. This island has a beautiful beach called Pasir Panjang Beach because the coastline is very long, reaching more or less 6 km. 

At the hidden tourist spot, you can do a lot of pleasurable activities such as diving, snorkeling, swimming and even fishing. If you want a different experience, try visiting the mangrove forests on the coast of another island near Rumberpon Island. You can also access the grasslands nearby to see rare animals like deer birds (Cervus timorensis), cuscus, albatross and mermaids.

  • Misowaar Island

West Papua

Another place to go out of the list of hidden paradises in West Papua is Misowaar Island located not far away from Rumberpon Island. The island has a similar beauty. One thing is, in Misowaar Island, there is hot spring with sulfur content which is believed by medical science to be able to cure several types of skin diseases.

  • Pasir Putih Beach


West Papua

Don’t forget the White Sand Beach located in East Manokwari District. As the name implies, this beach is enriched with pristine white sand and clear bluish seawater. This flawless beauty attracts tourists to come to the beach, either just to enjoy the atmosphere, or have a relaxing swim in the sea. 

  • Kebar District

West Papua

Another hidden gem in West Papua is Kebar District in Tambrauw Regency which has a beautiful mountain range rarely found in other regions in Indonesia. There, you can find the captivating Kebar Valley surrounded by many other hills. However, to reach this area, it takes four hours of a road trip from Manokwari using a double-axle vehicle. 

The long and tiring journey to reach the Valley of Kebar pays off with the panoramic landscapes that the region offers. The natural scenery of the Kebar Valley is very pleasing to the eye, and the stretch of green hills surrounded with pure white clouds will always make your day. Not to mention the Sontiri Hill—often called Teletubbies Hill—famous for its magnificence that will make you want to dance and sing The Sound of Music there. 

  • Yenbuba Village

West Papua

Yenbuba Village in Raja Ampat Regency is quite known for a great snorkeling location because of its otherworldly coral garden, coupled with the hordes of ornamental fish. Nevertheless, not many know the hospitality of Papuan people living there that makes us feel at home!

  • Doreri Bay

West Papua

You can do island hopping in Doreri Bay to get to its three beautiful small islands: Lemon, Mansinan and Raimuti Islands. Not only will your eyes get spoiled by the pristine beauty of coral reefs there, but also a historical site consisting of over 20 ruins of World War II, such as cargo ships and Navy patrol boats.  

  • Mooi Park (Taman Wisata Alam Sorong)

West Papua

The pure landmark is actually a preserved forest and clear waterfall, home to a large variety of green plants and wild animals. Various fun activities can be done at the natural tourism park, such as camping, rafting and other outbound activities as long as you bring your own equipment since it is not available yet in the site. 

  • Triton Bay

West Papua

Located in Sari, Kaimana Regency, the tourist attraction is a hidden gem, especially for snorkeling. You can indulge yourself in a spectacular view of its marine life and a row of small hills squeezing each other, or just enjoy the dusk along with the tranquil sound of the waves. Being so beautiful, Triton Bay is claimed to be on the same level as Raja Ampat. 

So, what are you waiting for? Immediately plan your vacation to West Papua for the next holiday!