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These are 3 Recommended Hotels in Kaimana Regency

Kaimana Regency

Papua has excellent potential in the tourism sector. The land offers many natural and beautiful landscapes that please the eyes. Foreign and local visitors can enjoy a fun holiday trip to the ground, especially the Kaimana regency.

Located in the bird’s neck of Papua island, the regency has a lot of tourist attractions provided by nature and native people. The region’s popularity draws the attention of tourists for its romantic sunset view and marine life. It is a perfect place to go alone with your significant other, friends, or family.

You can watch the beautiful sunset from many places across the regency. However, we advise you to visit the beach during the golden hours to get the most out of it. If you are still deciding where to pick a place to stay in Kaimana, we have a list of lovely places for you!

3 Recommended Hotels in Kaimana Regency

This list of hotels provides a hospitable welcome for your stay in Kaimana. They have several good accommodations to make sure you are comfortable. Check the list.

1. Triton Bay Divers

Triton Bay Divers is the only resort in Triton Bay, located on Aiduma Island, Kaimana, West Papua Province. The place offers six bungalows on the beach with a maximum of two to three persons in each room. Since they are on the secluded part of the beach, the rooms are free from disturbances and crowds.

Triton Bay Divers provide accommodation such as a private bathroom, fan, desk, bed, and power sockets in a room. However, electricity is only available from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. The place was made using local materials, so it is friendly to the nearby environment. You can watch the exotic sunset from the room’s deck or sit on the beach.

The place has a shared dining room and provides three meals a day. Water, tea, and coffee are free and available for 24 hours. In addition, this resort will give you personal storage to put your diving equipment at the Dive Center.

2. Grand Papua Hotel

Grand Papua Hotel is located in Lingkar Tanjung Simore street, Kaimana regency, West Papua. It is a big hotel with many rooms available. The rooms face the sea so that you can view it fully. However, this hotel is far from the city center and the main road. You will need to prepare extra money for transportation.

The place offers laundry services, meeting facilities, a public dining room, and free access to Wi-Fi. The bedding supplies include air conditioning, a bed, a television, a desk, pillows, and chairs. A room is suitable for two adults. If you have anything to ask or request from the hotel, you can go to its front desk, which is available 24 hours.

3. Kaimana Beach Hotel

Located on Utarum street, Kaimana Beach Hotel has two buildings. The first and second places provide similar bedding supplies, such as a bed, a chair, a desk, a television, and pillows. Since the area has a hot temperature, the hotel also provides an air conditioner in each room.

Visitors can dine in a restaurant provided by the hotel. The meal is served for breakfast and lunch. It is easy to go to other places from the hotel, and you can reach the center of the city in no time from this place.

Kaimana regency has plenty of magnificent tourist spots. The place gets a nickname as the sunset city for offering visitors the best and most exotic sunset view. If you have planned a trip to this place, pick the most suitable spot from our recommendations for your stay.

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