4 Things To Do in Arfak Mountains: From Nature to Culture

Things To Do in Arfak Mountains From Nature to Culture

Basically, the mountains in the land of Papua are no less interesting than marine tourism. You need to visit many mountains when you set foot on Papua island. One of them is called the Arfak Mountains. This is because there are many various things to do in Arfak Mountains.

If you love wildlife, then you probably will love these mountains. Many areas are still raw and natural in this place. From nature to culture, you can get them all here. Then, what are the best attractions of the Arfak Mountains? Here are the lists that you need to know!

1. Enjoying the Beauty of the Anggi Lakes

Best attractions of the Arfak Mountains

One of the tourist attractions in the Arfak Mountains that you can visit is the Anggi Lakes. Not only the beauty of one lake that you can enjoy but two at once. Uniquely, the two lakes have different genders. Local citizens believe that Anggi Giji is a male and Anggi Gida is a female.

In fact, there is a tragic hidden story behind the lake’s formation. According to local folklore, the two lakes there were formed because of forbidden love. It is a love story between two people from different tribes. However, because of their cultural differences, they cannot get married.

Feeling sad and sorrowful, they cry until their tears turn into lakes. So, aside from its enchanting nature, many people also love the folklore of Anggi Lakes. While enjoying the beauty of Anggi Lakes, you can listen to a local guide retell these stories.

2. Enjoying the Charm of the Bird Paradise

ourist attractions in the Arfak Mountains

It is common knowledge that the land of Papua is rich in flora and fauna. The most famous one is probably the various types of beautiful birds. One of the places where you can see these birds is in the Arfak Mountains. Most of them are endemic birds you cannot see elsewhere.

This is why the Arfak Mountains are the perfect tourist attraction near Manokwari for those who love wildlife. This place is definitely a bird’s paradise. You can find the various types of Cendrawasih Bird, Bowend Bird, Astrapia Arfak, and many more.

Aside from birds, there are various types of butterflies as well. To enjoy the enchanting birds and butterflies, you can trek in the rainforest to get to the site. However, make sure that you do not walk alone. You can hire the services of an experienced local guide to make your trip safer.

3. Enjoying the Interesting Culture of the Arfak Tribe

tourist attractions near Manokwari

Aside from natural tourism, you also can experience cultural tourism. It is because, in the Arfak Mountains, there is a settlement of the Arfak Tribe. The Arfak Tribe is a major tribe of the four native tribes of the Arfak Mountains. They are the Sough Tribe, Meyakh Tribe, Moley Tribe, and also Hatam Tribe.

You do not have to worry because these tribes are friendly and very approachable. You can learn about their culture here because they still embrace their tribal tradition. In the midst of globalization, they still live traditionally. So, you can try to experience it.

4. Enjoying the Views of Arfak While Paragliding

Enjoying the Views of Arfak While Paragliding - Things to do in Arfak Mountains

Not many people know that there is a paragliding site in the Arfak Mountains. So, you can easily enjoy the beautiful view of the Arfak Mountains while paragliding. It is perfect for those who love nature and extreme sports.

So, those are the things to do in Arfak Mountains. These mountains are definitely perfect for those of you who love raw nature. However, as a tourist, you also need to participate in maintaining the beauty of nature there. It is a shared responsibility to preserve nature in the mountains of Arfak.