6 Things to Do in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua

Raja Ampat Regency
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Have you booked a flight to Raja Ampat regency, West Papua? Whether you have or not, let’s talk about the awesome activities that you can do there. Being in the eastern-most island in Indonesia will most certainly make you feel remote and disconnected with the busy life in the city. Apart from relaxing or enjoying your time, here are some ideas that you might want to try:

Raja Ampat Regency
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This might be obvious since Raja Ampat regency, West Papua is known for its beautiful underwater landscape. Whether you are new or an experienced diver, taking a diving course is highly recommended, because PADI and SSI have set up their camp in the area. The diving areas are most likely to be a part of a conservation, meaning that you need to be mindful and participate in the sustainability of the ecosystem. There are also resorts in Raja Ampat that usually have services that include a diving guide and equipment. 


Having such a large biodiversity has made West Papua to become a heaven for floras and faunas’ native to the land. The bird’s head of Papua Island has many exotic birds that you can admire from afar. This is done to provide sustainability and a feeling of safeness to the birds, as some birds does not like to be approached. You can rent a guide for this activity, as they will know where the birds can usually be seen.

Food Tasting

The West Papua archipelago still has a lot to offer. Have a taste of local foods to satisfy your hunger. Whether it is traditional foods or familiar ones, all of them is worth to try. If you are adventurous, you can try out Papeda (porridge made from sago starch), or a spicy yellow fish soup if you are not that adventurous. Both of those dishes are very popular among local people.


Famous for its view and scenery, not only underwater of course. The islands itself also have majestic views. Which takes us to another activity that you may want to do, hiking! In Raja Ampat, it is recommended to at least hike in Pianemo Island. Once you reach the top, you will get a brilliant and stunning view of the surrounding islands. Apart from that, there are also locals that sells fresh young coconuts for you to enjoy. 

Other than Pianemo Island hiking site, there are many other spots for you to try. Most of it are surrounded by nature, you can hike and do sightseeing at the same time. There is also a trekking program available called Raja Ampat Trekking.

Snorkeling and Swimming

Diving is not the only option to enjoy the underwater seascape in West Papua. Swimming and snorkeling near the shallow seaside (near the docks) are a viable option for those who don’t want to dive. All you need is swimming attire and equipment to do it.

In Arborek village for example, you can see schools of fish swimming around, underwater plants and corals. It is advised not to touch any of them though. Nevertheless, it is still a great and cheap activity to do during your stay.

Shopping for Souvenirs

At the end of the day, a vacation is not complete without purchasing a few souvenirs for your friends and families at home. You can also find some mementos to remind you of the times and events that you went through in Raja Ampat. From the warm welcoming locals to the stunning sceneries. 

So, are you pumped up to visit Raja Ampat regency, West Papua? There are many activities waiting there for you to try. Apart from nature, there are also cultural festivals that you can witness. Senja Kaimana Festival, for example, the impressive and unique culture will leave you in awe.